“Technology is key to the re-industrialisation of micro, small and medium enterprises”: MinTIC

“Technology is key to the re-industrialisation of micro, small and medium enterprises”: MinTIC

Within the framework of the participation in the 68th National Mipyme Congress, the Minister of ICT, Mauricio Lizcano, highlighted the commitment that the company is making, so that as part of the reindustrialization policy going to the country, companies aim to take technology. A basis for integrating digital transformation that allows the transition from an extractive economy to a knowledge-based, productive and sustainable economy.

The Ministry is doing a lot of work on the issue of MSMEs. With the Colombia PotenciA digital strategy, we are betting on creating innovation ecosystems where the company can join local and national government, entrepreneurs and academics, and the most underdeveloped risk capital in the country. getting stronger“ICT Minister, Mauricio Liscano (@MauricioLizcano)

The Minister was one of the ‘Back to the Industry’ panel, within the agenda organized by the Colombian Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ACOBI). In this space he emphasized the plan to create an investment fund called ‘Colombia Potencia Digital’, which focuses on accelerating access to capital for initiatives and companies with solid business models, which also affects the regional popular economy.

There is no funding to support small and medium enterprises with any level of growth. We want to support and offer higher compensation rates funded by MinTIC so that companies can get a chance to adapt technologically and get connected.“said the IT Minister.

One of those projects designed for that purpose is ‘Your Business Online’, which has 5,000 slots to develop the digital skills of traders, MSMEs and entrepreneurs who are part of the popular economy of the country and are yet to take advantage of ICT. Increase sales, reach more customers and reach new markets through digital channels and virtual stores. $10,000 million has been invested in this project.

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In conclusion, Minister Liscano reiterated the invitation to participants to take advantage of the open programs to strengthen digital capabilities and thereby improve businesses regardless of their size. at the gates www.sociedadsigital.gov.co Y www.generaciontic.gov.co Courses and trainings on various topics are all free to keep ahead in the country’s digital transformation.


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