Technology Reaches to Make Beaches “Smart”

The Technology It has come to stay in our lives and there are many fields where it is used even on a calm day. Playa

Company Desisa, Basically Jerez, Testing has been going on since last summer Port of Santa Maria Two technology patents applied to the environment will undoubtedly contribute to improving coastal management. It’s about some people Smart shower For beaches (six units were installed last summer and will be operational again this year) and A Smart Float It is used, among other things, to measure water quality in real time and record tides.

Both projects will continue on Porto’s beaches this summer, but the company is already starting the marketing phase to offer the service to interested customers. For now, the next appointment is in Congress environmental games, which will be celebrated Marbella In October, all participants must show the results of both patents. Around 220 people attended the last edition of this conference and various experts from the field presented their studies and experiences.

Desisa’s proposal has begun to promote it Patents By these two schemes applied to coastal management, the focus is generally Realization of street furniture And other projects related to air quality and water use, such as smart urban fountains, are already underway.

Company, a large group of which Engineers With different specialties, he is responsible for designing both Hardware as Software Their proposals are customized according to the specific application required by the client.

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For El Puerto, the buoy is anchored high up on the beach, in front of the beach. Saint CatherineAllows control Bathing water quality in real time. A floating probe extracts data up to 300 meters offshore, obtaining parameters such as water temperature, pH, salinity, turbidity, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, rhodamine, tryptophan, chlorides, bromide, hydrocarbons and external temperature, direction. and wind speed at sea.

Buoy data helped rule out a possible tsunami last summer

This environmental sensor also participates in a technical study in parallel Wave detection and analysis. The float has an accelerometer, gyroscope, ultrasound depth sensor and GPS positioning. Its purpose of use is to evaluate the feasibility of creating a system that allows Detection and protection against tsunami in the Gulf of Cadiz.

Last year, in fact, there was an episode on the coast of Porto in which many believed that a tsunami had been recorded due to a sudden wave surge, but after checking the data provided by Tesisa technicians, they rejected this phenomenon. Smart Float. At this point, the float was withdrawn Maintenance But in a few days it settles back on the harbor beach.

As for rain, thanks to the technology used, technicians know the water consumed in real time, as well as the peak. Frequency of use.

These parameters arrive in real-time to the mobile terminals of Playas municipal employees, enabling them to improve service and send alert messages over the public address system at the precise moment. Six of these devices are located on beaches again this year Valdelagrana, La Puntilla, La Muralla, Los Redes and Funtebravia. The smart shower is powered by a solar panel that powers both its sensors and GPRS connectivity. remote control. The mobile app allows you to know data such as consumption, number of users, peak demand time or real-time outage notifications. It also warns about potential events Water leakage or destruction. This information contributes to decision-making to improve the port’s coastal infrastructure.

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In addition, another advantage is that this equipment does not require contact for its operation and is therefore advantageous Disease preventionIt is also an advantage for people with limited mobility as there are no push buttons.

With these projects, El Puerto has been a pioneer in the use of technology for beaches, and considering the good results obtained in its practical application, the company hopes that it will soon be available. There are many more town halls in this effort.

Concerns about using water on beaches

In summer, when the effects of drought are most worrisome, some municipalities in the province are taking steps to guarantee water conservation. This is the case of the city council of Sibiona, which has already announced that there will be no rain or canal this summer. In the case of the El Puerto City Council, no action has been taken at the moment, but various possibilities are being considered by the environment, which may come into effect depending on how it develops during the high season for the beaches. Taking into account that El Puerto was a pioneer in the installation of smart showers, which has a high attendance, it already contributes to the reduction of water consumption by allowing telematic activation and using them with sensors. Improving communication and flow of water. However, we will have to wait to see how the situation develops and act in accordance with what is decided by other higher administrations and other municipalities in the immediate context.

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