Labor Day Bonus 2023: Know the amount allocated and when to collect it | Homeland System | | Answers

Labor Day Bonus 2023: Know the amount allocated and when to collect it |  Homeland System |  |  Answers

VenezuelaCitizens don’t just expect positive news Nicolás Maduro About him Salary increase; But the bonus will be given on May 1. Days after Labor Day holiday, presidential rule on demands? Here, all the details.

Currently, the Venezuelan people are waiting for various demands from President Nicolás Maduro. As of today, it is not yet known whether a raise will be granted, so they expect to be granted. Bonus May 1 For Labor Day.

What do you know about the May 1 bonus for Labor Day in Venezuela?

The Labor Day bonus will not be a new payment, as it was already offered to beneficiaries of the Patria system in 2022.

The grant amount was disbursed in May 2022 19.20 bolivars; But the current special bonus has reached the amount of 100 bolivars, so if paid out this year too, it is expected to be the same amount.

Similarly, the Venezuelan government awarded a one-time bonus of 10,000 bolivars to 120,000 Venezuelan workers who retired between May 1, 2018 and May 1, 2022. 408.87 total based on the exchange type of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV). )

What did Nicolás Maduro say about salary increases in Venezuela?

Reports from the Bloomberg portal indicate that despite inflation in Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro’s government has not authorized the current salary increase.

As a result, the minimum income received by Venezuelan workers is five dollars, for which teachers and collaborators must improve the industry.

Venezuela has a minimum basic income set at 130 bolivars, the equivalent of about $5.40, which is back on the brink of poverty after a devaluation in recent months, and is one of the lowest in Latin America. In Haiti and Cuba, it will approach $100 in 2023, more than $57 a month, according to the United Nations, which represents the threshold of extreme poverty.

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What do workers in Venezuela need?

Trade union centers negotiating under the auspices of the International Labor Organization (ILO) have several proposals, including a minimum wage of $200 to $400 to cover the basic basket.


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