Technology to manage talent: Spanish human resource startups

Technology to manage talent: Spanish human resource startups

Tuup to focus on soft skills

This startup has created a platform to connect companies with workers who best suit their needs, based on their ‘soft skills’. Additionally, it also offers tests where candidates can learn and highlight their strengths and coaching services to enhance their profile.

TUP People were born to know each other And, based on that knowledge, develop their ‘soft skills'”, Its CEO said, Tania Grande, to El Economista. “I see so many profiles every day, most of them are very qualified, but when they are in a period of change or transition, I notice it. “They may or may not know their strengths or areas for improvement.”he added.

Emotion to recognize employee well-being

This startup has developed software that uses artificial intelligence Identify the emotional state of employees in real time: Analyzes aspects related to non-verbal communication such as facial expressions or head or hand movements during video calls. “With five video calls in 15 days we were able to provide a very accurate diagnosis.” Its founders say, Aniol Hervas and Pedro J. Espinosa. After gathering this information, the software provides workers with a personalized plan with recommendations to improve their well-being.

A culture that measures employee well-being

This startup provides ‘SaaS’ tools (‘Software as a Service’, abbreviated in English) measuring the well-being of workers. Specifically, it provides metrics that can be used to create a high-performance culture, Improving employee productivity and creating teams with mutually compatible individuals, strengthening the work environment.

“Business culture and happiness play an increasingly important role in explaining why some teams perform better than others.” Its founders said, From Julio Abdala and Tomás Floria to El Referente. Established in 2020, Cultures was Selected by Minerva Accelerator 2021 call.

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In addition to obtaining funding, high growth companies have a mission Supported by BBVA Spark, talent management is essential to build a good team and grow the company. Hence, these startups specializing in human resources can help attract entrepreneurs and retain the best professionals.


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