The conjunction of two stars sheds light on a space mystery and has experts very surprised

A team of experts in space has made a unique discovery that sheds more light on the mysteries of the universe. Astronomers involved in the study of the phenomenon, which revolves around the merger of two binary stars of different ages locked in a single nebula in a distant system, have shared details of their research that have left experts speechless. As a general rule, Interstellar mergers occur with gas spheres of the same age and typeBut in this case the range of years is not the same, so it is a fact to be highlighted and taken into account Happened in a cloud of dust and gas. The European Southern Observatory (ESO) supported the work.

It is an important astronomical phenomenon and all its details and secrets are revealed

Abigail Frost, an astronomer at ESO in Chile and lead author of the study, released a statement explaining the details of the research: “While reading the background, it struck me how special this system is,” said the person responsible. How they collect AS. “A nebula around two massive stars is rare, and it really made us realize that something impressive must have happened in this system. When reading the data, the surprise was even greater“. Hughes Chana, a professor at the Catholic University of Leuven, explained with Frost: “We believe there were at least three stars in this system originally; Two of them must have been very close to each other at some point in their orbits, while the third star was far away.”

“When I read the data, the surprise was even greater.”

This phenomenon sheds light on the mystery of the magnetic fields of massive stars, which in theory cannot acquire these fields after the merger of two stars. “Magnetism in massive stars is not expected to last very long compared to the lifetime of the star.So it appears that we observed this rare event shortly after it occurred.”

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