Technology trends to help transition to renewable energy

Technological innovation is one of the key factors to achieve a significant reduction in the emission of polluting gases produced by the use of fossil fuels. Digitization is a process that allows us to obtain effective processes to achieve this objective in all types of sectors such as industry, construction, transport, energy networks, etc.

An agreement was reached in 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Nearly 200 countries participated in it, making it one of the most important global initiatives in this regard.

to Cisco SystemAmong the most important information and communication technology companies, these are the technological trends that will help the transition to renewable energies in the future:

Adoption of electric propulsion

One of the most relevant changes happening today. This trend is gradually increasing. According to ITCOne of the leading providers of data analytics and consulting for the ICT ecosystem, nearly 25% of total electricity demand will be generated by electric vehicles by 2050.

This scenario requires a network that can respond to the needs of this new type of movement. Installation of charging stations is necessary to supply electricity to vehicles. By Installation of smart grids or intelligent power networks Efficient use of energy can be achieved.

Compensation for results obtained through the use of AI technology

Currently. The use of AI-based systems means an increase in electricity consumption with all the environmental drawbacks. Energy is needed to run and cool equipment. This can be a major embarrassment when using this type of technology.

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Some artificial intelligence servers by 2027 Some smaller countries use the same amount of electricity per year. However, this high cost is offset by process optimization, automation, and access to key knowledge that facilitates decision-making in various fields.Compensation will be paid in a relatively short period of time, which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this technology in a very short period of time.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) system revolution

Adopted as a standard by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) In 2003, this technology allowed electronic data to be transmitted over the same wiring as electricity. The same network provides dual service, which is very useful in the construction of smart buildings.

With PoE Infrastructure costs are reduced And power and connectivity can be efficiently provided. This technology, which has been in development for two decades, will be key to achieving a successful transition to clean energy by 2024.

Energy is proportional

Providers of communication, data processing and cloud application services require more powerful equipment. Responding to the energy needs of these devices requires a more rational and efficient use of energy. For example, Automatic switching off of lights and heat in smart buildings This is a move that creates interesting savings.

When building networks and building infrastructures, one of the basic criteria will be to respond to energy demand adequately without causing waste.

Upgrading of conventional electrical networks

The use of renewable energies will require significant change in current electricity supply systems. One of the priorities is to augment existing distribution capabilities. To achieve it, it is necessary to achieve it. Intensive work on digitization of energy distribution systems.

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The use of microgrids and the analysis of distribution usage data will be essential to increase the efficiency of electricity consumption. The goal is to develop flexible systems and energy storage systems that provide stable and secure supply.

to Mary de WysockiCisco's director of sustainability said, “This year, IT leaders will play a key role in this transformation through strategies for energy management and sustainable data centers, smart buildings, future Internet and industrial solutions.”

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