“We do not support Taiwan independence” – DW – 01/13/2024

President of the United States, Joe BidenThis Saturday (01/13/2024) he reiterated his country's opposition to Taiwan's independence. William Loy of the ruling party won the presidential election The Asian nation, de facto independent but considered part of its territory by China, wants to reunify even through the use of force.

When asked by reporters in Washington about the results of the election in Taiwan, he said, “We do not support the independence of the region,” in which Lai won with 40.2 percent of the vote. Biden's statements came hours after the secretary of state's. Anthony BlinkenLai congratulates him on his success.

In a statement, Blinken noted that the United States is committed to “peace and stability” in the region and looks forward to working with Washington Law and “developing our long-standing unofficial relationship in line with the one-party principle.” “. Lai's victory appears to strengthen Taiwan's commitment to sovereignty, foreshadowing worsening tensions with the Chinese regime.

“Separatist Activities”

Blinken congratulated the Taiwanese people for “proving once again the solidity of their democratic system and their electoral process.” “The partnership between the American and Taiwanese peoples, rooted in democratic values, continues to expand and deepen through economic, cultural and people-to-people relations,” he added.

The Taiwan issue continues to be one of the main points of friction between China and the US, which, apart from being Taiwan's main arms supplier, could face the situation of having to defend the island in the event of a conflict. In the past, Lai has defined himself as a “practical worker for Taiwan's independence”, although he has not deemed it necessary to formally declare secession, arguing that it already functions as an independent state.

Taiwan – which the Chinese Nationalist Army retreated to after being defeated by Communist troops in a civil war – has been governed autonomously since 1949, although China claims sovereignty over the island, which it considers a rebel province. For this reason, after learning of the election result, Chen Binhua, the spokesperson of China's office in charge of relations with Taiwan, assured that the democratic election will not prevent the inevitable trend of reunification of the country. “Separatist activities” will not be tolerated.

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