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Her testimony did not hide the pain or uncertainty she felt when she discovered she had breast cancer. However, he tells us that there is no fear or question. Sophia Bogani (Lima, 1982). The actress bravely and confidently faces an illness that, while marking her body with a scar, erases the scars on her soul.

Bogani discovered a lump in her breasts while in Mexico doing a self-examination. The first ultrasound showed he had a nodule with malignant characteristics. After that decision, somewhat discouraged, he returned to Peru.

Sofia Bogani is 41 years old. Owns spectacular beauty. (Photo: Instagram)

In Mexico I worked at a radio station and events production company. I traveled before the pandemic. My plan was to continue there and see more programs, but I had to turn back because I was suspected of having cancer. I discovered the tumor in mid-April, and a month and a half later in June, they were already operating. That’s where the whole show started.”, Narra.

Thank God it was stage 1, early stage cancer. I was able to diagnose it in time because my body alerted me. I felt pain, fatigue and unusual heaviness in my chestRemembers the actress who played Jenny Ramirez in the TV series “That’s Life”.

─What was your first thought when you were diagnosed with cancer?

Obviously, the news hit me like a bucket of cold water, but I’ve never been afraid of illness. I was optimistic from the start. I understand that all steps must be followed to get out of this very fast moving. I came to Lima with a lump, but it developed another small lump. It also compromised the nodes.

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─What is the hardest phase of treatment?

At the beginning I got all the information. The costliest thing for me was seeing a mastectomy. In fact, the first time I saw myself in the mirror, I fainted. was strong. Luckily my surgeon was amazing and my scar is barely noticeable.. I cried, but I didn’t question myself. I understood the situation and accepted it. I took the illness as a necessary life break to reconnect with my family and Lima.

─And how was the hair problem?

I had to process it for a while. I cut back little by little until I accepted and understood it. My mother’s advice helped me a lot. He told me to take it as a character.

Thanks to a self-examination, Sophia Bogani found out in time that she had breast cancer. (Photo: Alessandro Guarrino)

─Cancer is a word closely associated with death. Have you thought about it?

Unfortunately, this is the information they give you everywhere, even in this series. Almost everyone talks about the cancer that kills. Why make it so dramatic? People opened their eyes when he told him he had cancer. I felt like they felt sorry for me when they should have been happy because I figured it out in time.

“Now, I have the disease under control. They have completely removed the cancer.”

EC editorial,

─What stage of treatment are you at?

Currently, the disease is under control. They completely removed my cancer. The chemotherapies they give me are prophylactic.

─How many chemotherapies will they give you?

There will be six. Once in 21 days. They already made me two. I was supposed to get a third one this week, but they stopped it because my liver transaminases went up. My liver was inflamed from so much medicine. I also get biologics because mine is genetic. Then I start treatment with tablets. If all goes well, I will ring the bell in November and celebrate life (smiles).

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─Natalia Salas and Anahi de Cardenas also faced this disease. Did you talk to them about it?

When Natalia Salas found out about my cancer, she wrote to me. She has already come out of the disease. It was very positive to talk to her because she has such good energy. He supported me a lot. It gave me encouragement, and some tips and names of doctors. When you do this, it’s great to connect with people who understand what you’re feeling.

─Do you still play sports?

In Mexico I did marathons, boxing…, but stopped for now. The doctor recommended that I walk and do things that are not too strenuous so that I don’t get tired or my liver gets inflamed.

─What led you to travel to Mexico?

A company called me. He told me they were interested in looking at projects with me in Mexico. Coincidentally, at that time, I broke up with my husband after eight years of dating. In that moment, everything fell into place. I spent six months traveling and staying after that call. My goal was to continue there, but cancer struck and I had to return.

─After the treatment, do you plan to go back or stay to see the projects in Lima?

Through what happened to me I learned not to project myself on the long or medium term. Let life surprise me and let what comes come. Since I have permanent residency in Mexico, I can return at any time. My house, my place and my things are there. But if something comes out here, I have to evaluate it. This break reconnected me with Lima. Every time he came, I wanted to run away because everybody asked me about my breakup, about him (her ex-husband). Now that doesn’t happen to me. its me This allows the area to heal and clear the scars; Because, of course, you’re over it, but deep down there’s still stuff. Leaving the country was therapeutic for me.

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How are you getting along with your ex now?

We have a beautiful friendship, brotherly relationship. He is in this process. He supports me, he cares for me so that I don’t lack anything.

─Are you planning to tell your experience with cancer in a book?

Just thought I’d raise some awareness about self-examination and preventive tests. We don’t have to fear what we have to live. Face the worst and the unexpected with courage and confidence.

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