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I am at my most optimal state because I feel more mature and more aware, I understand and understand things better. It’s personal and professional maturity because I never stop working”, highlights the actress.

Coming from a family of artists, Freycinet Gaviria began her acting career professionally at the age of 24. Since then, he has showcased his talent and style in more than 34 TV dramas, a dozen movies and nearly a hundred plays. For eleven seasons, Francesca Maldini has played one of the main characters in the most successful television series in Peruvian television history, “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”.

This production works because of the sincerity of its characters and the good work of the actors. They give of themselves with great energy and love. His work is genuine and honest. Soul can be found in every character”, he assures after admitting that there are some similarities in his character.

Francesca is practical, prejudiced, but educated. She was a high society lady. On the other hand, I am educated and I like to dress well; But I have no prejudice and I’m lyrical”, he clarifies. “I made this remembering the high class girls I knew from the world and good schools.“, Collaboration.

Likewise, the actress admits that there are those who do not distinguish reality from fiction and believe that Gonzalez is a millionaire like her mother. They often ask her for financial help through social media or approach her on the street, seeking help that her character can provide.

They think I have a lot of money. Some ask to pay university fees, others ask for a car or motorcycle. Someone asked me to adopt. You don’t know the things they tell me”, he comments with a smile.

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Since she joined “Al Fondo Hey Sitio” in 2009, Yvonne’s life has taken a radical turn. He enjoyed a tremendous rise in popularity and achieved financial stability.

In some ways, I was known for my work in theater, but I never had the media reach. I never thought I would live such an experience. The series has gone all over the world; I get letters from all over, even from the Netherlands,” he points out. “This series gave me financial security and made me more disciplined.”“, he noted.

Yvonne Frayssinet as Francesca Maltini in “At the Bottom There is a Room”. (Photo: America TV)

_Will we ever see Peter and Madame become a romantic couple?

Watching iconic characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Continfloss or Chaplin with kids or spouse? They are like clean, pure vessels. If Peter and Madame have a relationship, much of that purity and platonic love is lost, and in that sense they become earthier and less untouchable characters.

_From your perspective, what would be the best ending for your character and this production?

For my character, I would imagine an ending like “Driving Miss Daisy” (an American film starring Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy), a platonic relationship where we are long-term friends and very affectionate towards each other. I don’t know whether I will treat him or he will treat me, it depends on the circumstances and how we are. [ríe]. Plus, I’d love for Gonzalez to finally find consistency and have a less chaotic path for each of them.

_How do you feel after breaking your collarbone?

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I had to undergo several tests, including brain scans, to rule out complications. I tripped while trying to feed the cat who turned off the light. I broke my collarbone and ended up with a black eye. Makeup girls, experts, managed to hide the scars. That’s why, in the close-ups of some episodes, I look like I’m 90 [ríe].

Did you have any doubts when considering returning to this new phase of the series?

No, rather I was pleasantly surprised. When the call came for a new project, I didn’t expect it to be “there’s room in the back”. People, especially taxi drivers, always asked me when the series would return. He told them it was already over. It is wonderful that this is not the case.

_Is Yvonne Frayssinet’s Studio Theater still running?

That’s right, it continues to expand. Currently, we have two workshops in Barranco, one in Los Olivos and the other in the center of Lima. I teach some classes and attend once a week or fortnight. I could not attend because I participated in the play “Brujas” in Marzano last year. This program is very special because almost the whole family is involved. My sister Patricia, my nephews Alonso and Carolina Cano and the dancer Zsa Zsa Frayssinet. Also present are Lucia and Marcelo.

_Are you still considering the possibility of entering politics?

I like to do it in different situations. In the current situation, I can no longer see myself in that position. I know many people who would like to contribute, but current circumstances are not conducive to being in this area at this time.

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_There are those who consider Carlos Alvarez as an outsider candidate for the 2026 presidential election.

It’s hard to predict because there have been foreign presidents in the past. People I had never met before suddenly became the President of the Republic. People are so desperate that they look for something different that can change everything.

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