The Case of Christian Thorsen | Urologist explains 5 healthy habits to prevent prostate cancer | Digital Rectal Examination | Hormonal change Testosterone | | welfare

The Case of Christian Thorsen |  Urologist explains 5 healthy habits to prevent prostate cancer |  Digital Rectal Examination |  Hormonal change  Testosterone |  |  welfare

At the age of 58, Christian Thorson, a well-known Peruvian actor, has been diagnosed with cancer. He used to do his Prostate exams annually, but, according to his account, due to the pandemic, he could not continue the check-ups in 2020 or 2021. When he arrived in 2022, his cancer had already progressed and had spread to his bones and even his lungs. Her story teaches us the importance of regular preventive check-ups and maintaining daily healthy habits. Thus, welfare Urologist Dr. from UROZEN from El Comercio newspaper. Jorge spoke with Saldana, who explained more about cancer in men.

“He Prostate cancer It is a disease with many manifestations, but most commonly A Hormonal imbalance and damage to the DNA level of the prostate. In addition, there will be various factors that affect its occurrence, for example, the Changes in hormones like testosterone, estrogen and aging Because our body has a high level of oxidation,” explains the expert.

Other risk factors for prostate cancer
Overweight or obesity.
Excessive consumption of carbohydrates, junk food or trans fats.
Little physical activity
Be above 55 years of age. (It occurs only in young people when there is a family history)
Have high levels of stress.

These are risk factors These normal cells in the prostate gradually damage their DNA until they become a malignant cell. Likewise, prostate cancer It can develop from the age of 40 and is at its greatest peak between the ages of 55 and 60. At that peak, the Prostate cancer It is less invasive than in a teenager.

“This is usually due to hormonal imbalances and DNA damage to the prostate.”

The cancer that gave Christian Thorsen was a little different, it was not a common and ordinary caseBecause usually the risk factors are related to those already mentioned, ie, In contrast to an actor, he is a doer, or that is what is seen in networks. It looks like it Physical activity, playing sports, and no image of obesity at any time may have caused the problem. However, there may be other risk factors associated with it, which will be specific to the treating specialist,” he notes.

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Don’t forget to go for your annual checkup and get a rectal exam as directed by your doctor.

“The cancer given to Christian Thorsen is a little different, it’s not a common and normal occurrence”

5 Healthy Habits to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer has been increasing over the past 100 years. In 2022, the Social Health Protection (EsSalud) has registered 2,195 cases of prostate cancer in Peru. That’s why Dr. Saldana gives us five healthy habits to prevent cancer in men.

  1. Get more physical activity: No need to practice a sport; Walking for 10 or 15 minutes a day is enough. Lack of physical activity can reduce testosterone levels in men and cause cancer.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet: Consuming balanced and abundant foods contributes to the general well-being of the body, which prevents various diseases.
  3. Carry out preventive tests: Currently, there are various technologies that can help detect cancer at an early stage. For example, there is prostate antigen, ultrasound, the same rectal exam, and now a blood test. Remember that It is important to do them annually.
  4. Learn how to deal with stress: If stressful emotions are not managed, men are more likely to develop prostate cancer. If this is too difficult, you can always seek help from a mental health professional.
  5. Need medical help: If there is a family history of prostate cancer, it is recommended that you follow up with a specialist.

“He Prostate cancer It has become the most common type of cancer in men and breast cancer in women worldwide. This is because of our changing lifestyles over time. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and poor diet prevail. The latter causes our hormones and body to age faster, and we have higher risks of contracting this disease,” he concludes.

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