The EU is negotiating a document to regulate the “safe and responsible” use of technologies such as AI.

The EU is negotiating a document to regulate the “safe and responsible” use of technologies such as AI.

Spain is negotiating a regulatory document with the European Commission and member states “Safe and responsible” use including digitization technologies Artificial intelligenceWith a view to ratifying a document at the Council in Brussels on 23 November.

According to sources at an informal meeting of European Education and Youth Ministers held in Zaragoza Congress PalaceThe document is currently under review and aims to regulate both the use of devices in classrooms and the use of this type of technology.

This is to endorse recommendations on digitalisation, in which countries are encouraged to have digital skills among students so that they can use digital technologies in a “safe, responsible and healthy way”, sources said.

Yesterday, the National Police launched an investigation after some of the mothers Almendralejo (Badajos) They will condemn their daughters’ “nakedness”. Made with artificial intelligence by young people who distributed pictures on social networks.

In the informal meeting of the Spanish President of the European Union in the Aragonese capital, there will also be a discussion of the old continent and the values ​​on which European citizenship is built, with the aim of being introduced into educational systems. Which populism has evolved and radical parties in different countries.


One of the ideas being considered Teach a European subjectSomething that is already done voluntarily in some centers in Spain and other countries.

A third topic at the ministerial meeting was continuing progress in the European education area, in particular determining what skills high school or apprenticeship students should have, so that their degrees are comparable across the Union.

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This will facilitate faster recognition of qualifications and ease of mobility of students and faculty. At the moment, technical committees have already been created in Brussels to decide what the skills should be, which is not the same as teaching a single curriculum.


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