Alejandra gives a job and a house to a family who lived on Picoria Street: “If I set my mind to something I achieve it”

Alejandra Picoria expresses solidarity with a man who lived on the street with his family. (Composite: Infobae)

good news. Member of ‘It’s War’, Alejandra Picoria, It continues to be a topic of conversation, but this time it’s not about his controversial participation in the Pacchamac reality show or his disputes with model Onelia Molina. On this occasion, the businessman has shown his generosity.

It all started during the current pairing Balao said She shared on Instagram the heartbreaking story of someone who was hired because of her dire financial situation. Both her family and her little daughter were living on the streets, with nowhere to stay and nothing to eat. This situation moved the model deeper.

However, it didn’t stop there, because the “Rubia de Camarra” didn’t keep quiet after Mario Hart’s former partner hired him for a small job to provide him with an income. He started a campaign on the popular social media site asking his followers to join him in this noble cause.

Alejandra Baigorria Alcalá is a Peruvian businesswoman, television personality and racing driver.

For the Famous’Gringa‘He made it clear that the amount of money is not the main thing, but rather the auxiliary factor, which is why he called it ‘supportable from the sun’. “It doesn’t matter if it’s just one day, everything adds up, so they can rent a room and a kitchen. Now I am going to meet the father who has given him a job these days and I will be in charge of the hostel for the whole week,” he explained in a story on a well-known social network.

“Guys, I am very grateful because there are many people who want to help. She is still missing a lot, we know, she has diabetes, and we also need to get her a room, a kitchen, so that she can cook and eat well. Let me give you a yap I believe. I’m going to record each of your deliveries,” the model said first.

As the days go by, Pychorea I was able to get the help given to the wife of the facing man diabetes And there are no methods for its treatment, which represents an important breakthrough for the family. He pointed it out on his social media, sharing a video showing the man hired as a cleaner holding a sugar meter given to him to monitor his partner’s health.

Alejandra Baigorria delivered a briefing at the XVI APEC SME Summit 2023. Credits to Facebook/@Comexperu

Finally, membership ‘This is War’ She also shared a photo with her little daughter entering the clinic where she donated medical tests. “Thank you for everyone’s willingness to support a family in great need,” he said with the clip on his social network.

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“I’m not going to stop until I leave them well because it’s in me and it won’t let me sleep. If I put my mind to something, I’ll achieve it.” A woman supported her diabetic wife with this glucometer, says the video.

A long-standing friendship between the members of ‘Esto es Guevara’, Alejandra Picoria Y Mario Iriveran, finds himself in a complicated situation, and one person in particular seems to be involved in this conflict. That person is the model Onlia Molina who is the current partner of the popular ‘Calavera Coquette’. As Alejandra revealed, the problems started when she participated in a reality TV show, where a conflict became so serious that it affected her friendship with Irivaran.

However, the businesswoman did not provide specific details about the discussion. “She (Onelia) complained, they messed me up with Mario. Global scandal. They complain when I go hard, so I avoid it so as not to have problems with Mario or her, because thanks to that problem (because of Onelia) I won’t talk to Mario anymore”, the model Words. Of course their friendship ended Mario.

Alejandra Picoria admits why her friendship with Mario Irivaran ended. (Composite: Infobae)

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