The first phase of the new Russian space station will be in orbit in 2027

Russia After the disaster, it tries to justify itself by sorting out its constituency Luna-25 In the month of August.

Russian President Vladimir PutinThe first section of the new space station, it said Thursday Moscow Despite some setbacks, plans to replace the ISS should be in orbit by 2027.

Russia He had earlier announced his withdrawal from International Space Station (ISS)It is permanently manned by astronauts.

Building a new Russian orbital space station has been declared a top priority by the space agency Roscosmos.

“The goal is that there are no gaps and the work goes at breakneck speed. ISS” he announced Putin Thursday during a meeting with industry experts.

“In 2027, the first segment should be in orbit,” the president announced, asking that “everything be ready in good time.”

Russia will go its own way

The Russian space industry, historically a source of pride for the country, has been plagued over the years by financial problems, corruption scandals and other setbacks.

In August, the Russian Vol Luna-25 On its first trip to Earth’s natural satellite since 1976, a large awkward crash landed on the surface of the moon for Moscow.

“Mistakes happen, it’s a very complicated operation. It’s a shame … it’s a negative experience but it will be used to avoid mistakes in the future,” said Putin, who pledged to continue the funding work. Luna.

The ISSEspecially the model of international cooperation between America Y RussiaBegan in 1988 and was scheduled to be phased out in 2024. However, America It assumes that it can continue to operate until 2030.

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