Copa Sudamericana finalist Paulo Guerrero: What do former Fantastic Four players Claudio Pizarro, Juan Manuel Vargas and Jefferson Farfán think of the current goalscorer? | LDU vs Fortaleza | Game-Total

Anyway, the LDU forward and Peruvian all-time record scorer (39) plays this Saturday in the South American final against Brazil’s Fortaleza (3pm PT). How was your relationship with the former Fantastic Four, who were close friends until a few years ago?

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‘Bombardero’, ‘Loco’ and ‘Foquita’ think of Paulo Guerrero, a brand new Copa Sudamericana finalist with LDU who can’t stop dreaming of playing in the World Cup again for Peru.

Peruvian National Team: News from the ‘Fabulous Four’


Pizarro said they last spoke a few days ago, when Paulo tested positive for doping. And then never again. Clearly, something was broken. Respect remains. “What he is doing is comforting and it is great that he is competing and being able to be in these events of such an important championship. It is important for many people that he is playing, scoring and above all, that he is in good shape for the national team. I am very happy that you are doing so well. A knee to him. “After the problem, I thought it would be difficult for him to get back on the field,” declared the historic ’14 from Germany recently.


An “Oh my mom” via Instagram reflected Jefferson Farban’s emotion after watching the ‘Bridador’ duo in the semi-finals of the Copa Sudamericana. A few months ago, regarding the absence of Gianluca Lapatula for the start of the qualifiers, he made it clear that he was not there for the secondary participation, referring to his ‘Combatrin’ status. “Paulo is ready to play 180 minutes. He is a world class player. You have to respect him a little more, don’t think he can only play 15 minutes. “There’s a reason why someone who’s always been at his best hasn’t been abroad for 20 years,” he said in his signature style earlier in August.

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Maybe they weren’t the same friends they were in Markarian times. Juan Manuel ‘Loco’ Vargas, who spoke about Guerrero and his present in a preview of the new double day of qualifiers, received similar praise. “Paulo has always had his clear intentions and the reason why he has always stayed out there is because he has always been a good professional. He is highly respected and I think now that he gives a presence to the national team, he is going to contribute a lot as he gets older. The man is still going strong. I see, they should get a chance and help,” he declared for PlayZonTV in one of his last interviews.

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