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Miguel Vergara Stole a “kiss”. Milett Figueroa. This happened in the latest version of the show ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’Actors are competitors.

Miguel and Millet were cooking green dumplings as part of the competition, and the actress suffered a minor wrist injury while trying to juggle the corn.

“I made a wrong move and it hurts”Millet commented to the surprise of all the participants.

TROME | ‘The Great Famous Chef’: Miguel Vergara stole a “kiss” from Milet Figueroa

The ‘Aasu Maare’ actor noticed that his partner needed help and approached him to extend his support. Vergara believed the best way to “comfort” Figueroa was to give him a “little kiss” on the wrist.

Before Vergara’s little kiss, the national translator took the situation as a joke, but went to her kitchen and pleaded with her to let her continue competing.

George Henderson Fed Up With ‘The Great Famous Chef’ And Quits

George Henderson He surprised more than one by resigning from the show ‘The Great Famous Chef’. The journalist admitted that she could not withstand the pressure of the new position in Latina television.

“I feel like I have to leave all these young people with great strength. People think television is easy and it’s not. It takes hours for us to record, edit, remove and put up.”said.

I don’t give too much, I’m tired. Jose Peles It’s like a ‘pick up the stick, it’s all yours’. Thank you ‘Rayo en la botella’ and thank you Latina. I don’t want people to remember me with so many mistakes, I can’t.”Henderson said.

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