The initiative highlights workers in the IT sector

In Chile, Only 8% of women have degrees in STEM fields, data provided by the National Observatory of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation in 2023, while the average for OECD countries is 16%. So, the event demanded Recognize and celebrate women's achievements in these fields.

The Women in Trace event took center stage Leaders in technology and business in Chile To improve their authority in the field of technology. The meeting was organized by Dynatrace with the objective of Support female talent to reach their full potential.

Transmits experiences

The event featured the participation of two eminent experts in the field of technology: Jessica Delias, SMU IT Business Continuity Manager; And Andrea Cuevas, Arauco's Deputy Manager of Operations and Technology (CTO). Both shared their personal and professional experiences and highlighted the importance of this Gender disparity in technology and providing practical advice to women who wish to advance their careers in this field.

“These kinds of conversations between women are needed because they benefit us and allow us to realize that we have so much in common,” commented Jessica Delias. For his part, AndrĂ© Cuevas said, “There are few events that are 100% aimed at women (…) where we were able to share experiences about what happens to us every day, both at work and in personal matters. In addition, we create a support network of empowered women.

Finally, attended the meeting Lorena Gallardo, CEO of “Fundadoras”, a school and community of CEOs, founders and business leaders in Latin America, whose work and experience in promoting women in the business world is recognized worldwide. During his speech, he shared his views on Role of Women in Technology And how to overcome the challenges they face on the road to success.

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