Why don't we eat meat at Easter these days? | Answers

Celebrations of Easter They are special to millions of believers around the world who remember her with special affection and respect the traditions surrounding her. So is the prohibition of eating meat, a religious practice that has evolved over time. What days and why this type of food is not consumed during this time? Here is everything you need to know about it.

What days and why you should not eat meat during Easter week

The Easter The day commemorating Jesus' sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins is full of traditions that the Christian community honors and fulfills. Very unique in religious practices Ban on eating meat.

According to Catholic tradition, The non-meat days of Holy Week are Ash Wednesday, when Christians fast and pray; and Good Friday.

Paying attention is important No meat is eaten during Holy Week Because many associate it with a penance. Many years ago, this number was a full fast, but this changed over time, and it was reduced to consumption only. Carne.

Likewise, other Christian communities point to it Not eating meat is an act that symbolizes Christ's sacrificeOne who went on a fast in the desert and spent 40 days and nights without food before assuming his public role or assuming the role of Moses.

On the other hand, others point out Red meat It is closely associated with sins such as lust and symbols of luxury or wealth; Some biblical texts explain Carne As a representation of the body of Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion.

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In any case, the fish of choice is the protagonist of the Miracle of Food Abundance; High in protein and a much healthier option compared to the regular class.

What you need to know about Holy Week

The Easter It is the annual Christian commemoration of Christ's Passion, the entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, the Stations of the Cross, the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. It begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday, although its celebration usually begins in many places on the previous Friday, i.e. Good Friday. The date of the celebration varies: between March and April.

It continues in Lent until the evening of Holy Thursday, when Easter begins: on the same day the Eucharistic institution is celebrated at the Last Supper; On Good Friday, the Lord's crucifixion and death, and on Holy Saturday night, the Easter Vigil. when Easter Many examples of popular religion take place around the world, highlighting processions, penance, and representations of Jesus' passion, death, and resurrection.

In some countries it is taken as a holiday and it also gets the name Semana Mayor.

Celebrations are related in most parts of the world EasterSome of them are of great international interest.

What day does Holy Week 2024 start in Peru?

This Holy Week for the year 2024 will be celebrated on the following dates:

  • Palm Sunday: March 24
  • Holy Thursday: March 28 (holiday)
  • Good Friday: March 29 (holiday)
  • Resurrection Sunday or Easter Sunday: March 31.

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