The mayor warns that if the mining company closes, the Maimon economy will “collapse”.

Mayor of Maimon Municipality, Ramon Alberto CabralThis municipality will run if “big risk” warned this Friday Dominican Mining Company (Cormidom) is closing its operations definitively as thousands of direct and indirect jobs will be lost.

And, he said, The “Slump“The economy and progress and growth stagnation this municipality has had in recent years.

Maimon in the province added Cabral in a statement Monsignor NovelA city that was grand Benefits Economic and social impact of carmidome presence.

“Economically, this will mean the collapse of the municipality of Maimon because if this company stops working, our Municipality There will be a confusing crisis. People who eat from this company today will not have a daily livelihood in the hypothetical case that this mining company closes its doors tomorrow,” he said.

He pointed out that in Maimonides “One front and one back” With Karmitome’s arrival, it has brought “prosperity and well-being to families”.

Development is an example “bad” Most Carmidome employees own homes or are in the process of building them, thanks to the jobs and salaries they receive.

He cited small and medium proliferation Commercial “Today many families eat from these companies,” he said, adding that they were not there before the mining company started its operations.

Cabral praised the importance and role that the mining company played in its all-year operations for the city. She said she would pay her 5% Benefits To Maimon City Council established by Law 64-00 on the environment.

Carmidome, which operates the Cerro de Maimon mine, announced on May 15 that it was suspending production operations at the mine due to the mine’s financial situation. Company And in the midst of conflict with the same workers’ union.

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In a statement, the company explained that it has had a collective agreement with the union since 2010, which is renewed every three years, with the last in 2020 amid the pandemic.

The dispute between the company and the union is being settled in court.

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