The Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, announces plans to change the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and the Migration Act | The Migration Crisis | Border Peru and Chile | Peru

While participating in a plenary session of the Congress, the Home Minister, Vincent RomeroAnnounced a set of proposals to amend the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Migration Act, with the aim of achieving immediacy in the deportation of aliens who commit a crime.

The official outlined the administration’s next steps after questions from Congress about the administration’s actions to address the migrant crisis on the border with Peru and Chile.

Beyond ad-hoc measures, work is done on ongoing measures to support the operation of immigration authorities and the intervention of the National Police. In that sense, A regulatory package is being worked on, with proposals for legal standards to amend the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Immigration Act to immediately deport aliens involved in criminal activities.When constituting a threat or danger to public safetyRomero said.

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Expulsion of foreigners

In addition, it is evaluated to replace a sentence of ineffective detention of less than 5 years imposed on an illegally entered or overstaying alien by expulsion from the national territory.

Integrate the crime of illegal transportation of migrants to impute an overt act to the interloper where the various border areas are not necessary.“, he added.

Likewise, the head of the Ministry of Home Affairs proposed to change the duration of the identity control procedure from 4 to 12 hours to guarantee their full identity. In addition to the merger of institutions of the administration of justice with the Ministry of Public Affairs and the Judiciary.

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Make improvements related to immigration control, enforcement of immigration restrictions, as well as duties and restrictions on national and inter-provincial transport, operators, concessions and accommodation services.“, he added.

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At another time, he recalled the issuance of Supreme Decree 055 on April 27, which declared a state of emergency in the various provinces and districts of Tumbes, Piura, Cajamarca, Amazonas, Loreto, Madre de Dios and Tacna.

“It is valid for 60 calendar days and in this declaration the National Police of Peru maintains control of internal order with the control of the armed forces,” he explained.

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