Timothy Treadwell and Amy Huguenard | Story of Couple Eaten by Grizzly Bear in Alaska | Grizzly Man | Story | EC Stories | the world

Timothy Treadwell and Amy Huguenard |  Story of Couple Eaten by Grizzly Bear in Alaska |  Grizzly Man |  Story |  EC Stories |  the world

The deaths of Timothy Treadwell, 46, and his girlfriend, Amy Huguenard, 37, in Katmai National Park, have gone down in history for the raw story of their deaths when a grizzly bear attacked them. AlaskaUSA, October 5, 2003 Summer.

Treadwell He has dedicated his life to the care and protection of wildlife for over 13 years, especially this animal, which finally ended his life. He “loved” them, he admitted on several occasions. He felt that his life’s purpose was to protect them So he decided to live with them in the forest.

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During his life as an ecologist, he recorded all the movements these specimens made Natural presence, their movements, habitat, foraging, hibernation and even fights.

“See how much I love the bears, how I respect them, how I am among them.” The alleged personality disorder, he said on camera Timothy He truly felt like another bear.

He believed that he knew every person, that they understood his feelings and that they were his friends. Much of the footage she recorded was used by director Werner Herzog, who released a documentary about her life in 2005. Grizzly Man.}

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“There are times when my life is on the verge of death. These bears can bite and kill. If I am weak, I lose. I love bears with all my heart. I will protect them and die for them. But I will not die by its claws and paws. I will fight and be strong. I will be one of them. I will be master” The Guardian had one of his many moments where he felt in control of what was happening.

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“The Bears Saved My Life”

Before devoting himself to closely observing wildlife Grizzly bears, Timothy tried to make it as an actor in Hollywood, but his career never took off. He came second in an audition for a TV show and “failed” at the tryout, which devastated him.

He began working as a waiter and over the years became addicted to alcohol and drugs. Until he consumes a fatal overdose.

At that moment he had an epiphany. He discovers the “Land of Bears” and believes that to be redeemed, he must rehabilitate himself.

“The bears needed someone to take care of them, but not someone messy. So I promised to take care of the bears and let them help me be a better person.. They were an inspiration. I was able to put the drink down. It’s a miracle,” was assured.

He finally found solace and a mission in his life, and he believed he was the only one capable of saving the grizzly. what Lived far away Alaska of hunters.

“I would die for these animals. Thanks to these animals, I have a life that I didn’t have before “, He listens to a recording as tears begin to well up in his eyes.

Confidence took its toll

After studying the bears’ behavior for more than a decade, he gradually lost his fear of them and could record them every time. According to some documentaries, Began to respect the place of safety.

Timothy He watched them approach and touch them. He assumed that he was able to communicate and interact with them.

As some who knew him and worked with him said Timothy pretended the bears were humans in costumes and not wild animals.. His extreme sensitivity to nature made him weep at the sight of a dead animal. He spoke to the corpses, embraced them and offered heartfelt words of dedication, which were recorded on his camera.

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When asked how he was inspired to live with wild animals, he simply replied, “They are misunderstood.” When asked what he would do if attacked by one of them, he repeated: “I will not kill a bear in self-defense.”

The night of tragedy

Screams of agony and despair Treadwell Y Huguenot They were recorded on a video camera found with the cover, otherwise the images it captured would be comparable to any graphic horror movie.

Timothy’s constant mistakes made him easy prey for hungry bears. They were about to enter hibernation after the end of summer. Two days before his death, both had witnessed a brutal fight between the two Grizzly For a dam

”I’m a little worried, especially after watching the fight the other day. I still love them. (…) We’re leaving in a few days and we need to make sure we film everything we need. I can see the sadness in Tim’s eyes as we talk about leaving.. He really belongs here, this is his home.”Ami revealed to the camera.

”He is one of them, he understands them.(…) Sometimes it seems to me that he loves more than me, and that’s okay with me. These bears are his family. I hope he can overcome the depression of leaving them after another successful summer with them.”, Adds.

On Sunday night the 5th, the day before the pilot took them in the seaplane, a bear Charged 4 meters high inside the couple’s camp Immediately in the middle of the darkness, one of the two, who is someone, turns on the camera without taking off the cover, presumably capturing what it would be like for a hungry animal to meet a human.

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In the audio, Treadwell can be heard being eaten by a bear. The sound of the rain hitting the tent was joined by the girl’s desperate cries that could only be uttered to her lover. “Play dead”, while the ferocious animal cuts him off.

At one point, a piercing silence is heard, interrupted by the screams of Amy, who is now the mammal’s new victim. A chilling scene six minutes laterAll quiets down and the audio ends, not fully available to the public.

He observed the death of both Willie Fulton, the pilot who went to pick them up at the agreed pick-up location. He spoke 24 hours ago Timothy to agree to travel, but as soon as he disembarked Katmai National Park Noticed something strange. The silence of the place shocked him. There was no one there, and even calling him, there was no answer.

So he decided to fly to where the couple was staying and watched a bad movie. The camp was destroyed A bear was eating a rib in that place.

Grizzlyman is a film based on the life of Timothy Treadwell and produced by Werner Herzog. (Photo: Lion’s Gate Films)

When officials arrived at the camp, they found human remains scattered nearby. half hand Timothy He still had his watch on. The park guards killed the bear that was there. When they opened his stomach they found human remains and clothing.

However, the most shocking thing was that the video camera had recorded the brutal attack with the hat, so it could only capture the sound. In the audio, Amy yells “Get out of here!” Screaming, yelling and roaring is heard. But due to the sensitivity and rawness of the material, Very few approached it and the recommendation was to destroy it.


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