The Peregrino mission abandons its dream of going to the moon and resigns itself to crashing into Earth

The 'Pilgrimage' space travel It had set out only ten days earlier with lofty ambitions. He wanted to become more or less First private project to land on lunar soil. It was a push that started on January 8. But after a successful take off, something went wrong. Those responsible for the work, Astrobotic Institute, they warned of an anomaly on board. And after a while they declared it impossible to fix. Thus with a certain resignation, The pilgrim had to give up his dream of reaching the moon Y Now preparing to crash into Earth. Its creators estimate that The space module will fall in the “Pacific Rim”. In the wee hours of this Thursday morning.

The The decision was made a few days ago By those responsible for the work. After analyzing the anomaly in the ship, it was unable to steer properly towards the sun at first. There was a severe rupture of the fuel tanksAstrobotic technicians concluded that it was The error cannot be resolved remotely. Particularly serious “leaks in propellant detected” on the spacecraft. It was then that Peregrino's dream of reaching the moon vanished completely.

This Thursday the block will fall in the “Pacific Far East”.

Then came the most difficult decision. The technicians in charge of this work were inspected What to do with this damaged ship without a fixed direction. For example, there were those who speculated about letting go The pilgrim floats through space until eventually crashing into the moon. But after carefully analyzing the options, the technologists decided that it was not a good idea to let this space module float in space (specifically, This two-meter instrument cannot be turned into space junk) so finally It was decided to crash the ship into Earth For example, space missions will end their useful lives.

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Scientific instruments and symbolic objects

Peregrino's mission is to sort A lunar lander measuring two meters high and two and a half meters wide On the surface of the moon. Unlike 'Perseverance' or 'Curiosity' robotic missions to Mars, This program is not intended to travel to lunar soilBut put in action Various scientific instruments For example, the lunar atmosphere, soil composition, and radioactivity affecting the satellite should be studied. The information collected by this work, as explained by its promoters, will help Better understand the conditions that future lunar astronauts will have to deal with.

The mission carried many scientific instruments and highly valuable symbolic material

Even the pilgrim Intended to carry over the surface of the Moon Various “code objects”A “handbook of human creativity” with artwork, books and music, as a time capsule of children's messages from around the world, and Here's a 'Monthly Bitcoin' Created by Cryptocurrency Company. Additionally, this volume features science fiction author Arthur C. Clark and Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's ashes will also be carried. Project by Celestis and Elysium Space CorporationWho is trying to establish The business of “sending loved ones” is left to space“With the intention that their memory will last forever. All of these objects will end up crashing into Earth this Thursday.

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