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A Ripley case. The name Geraldine Fernandez went viral Social websites In recent days after promising to participate in the animated film “Boy and Heron”, from the prestigious Studio Ghibli. His story went to the Colombian media, who highlighted the illustrator's work. However, everyone is surprised when they find out that everything is a lie.

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Boy and Heron” is Studio Ghibli's most recent production and directed by Japanese Hayao Miyazaki. Her popularity increased after her win at the 2024 Golden Globes and Geraldine Fernandez took advantage of the opportunity. Identify as “the only Colombian” who is part of the program.

He told the media that he was part of a team of 250 people, out of which he was tasked with animating 25,000 frames. She pointed out that all the work was done remotely and sent drawings Colombia For Japan, the country where the film was made.

The lies of Geraldine Fernandez, a Colombian who claimed to have participated in a Studio Ghibli film.

As a result, Geraldine Fernandez was invited to Sergio Arbolida University to talk about her experience working on the film, in which she said she lost up to 15 kg and ended up with hand problems due to the demands of the job. However, it was a farce.

Networks Discovered Lies About Geraldine Fernandez

However, social networks did not believe Geraldine Fernandez's story. Other artists soon began to question him, pointing out that the number of frames he claimed to have created did not match the work assigned to a rookie, and that his name was not even in the film's credits.

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On social networks, different users began to question the veracity of his statements and other illustrators criticized that the number of frames made did not correspond to those assigned to a novice. However, the fact that his name does not feature in the film's credit list is a huge testament to his disappointment.

Geraldine Fernandez. Photo: El Tiempo

Geraldine Fernandez recognizes the disappointment

This is how the Colombian media corrected and discovered the inconsistencies in Geraldine Fernandez's story. For example, the magazine 'Cambio' pointed out that the certificates he presented as proof of his film work in Japanese were actually ceramic courses. Because of the language, no one noticed.

Geraldine Fernandez He put an end to the disappointment on Tuesday the 16th after he revealed that he had exaggerated the story, but had participated in a couple of scenes in the film.

I worked on a couple of scenes, not the whole film. In a couple of pictures, in a couple of scenes, in a couple of scenes, not in the whole film (…) I worked with a group, a part of a couple of scenes. A composite of 25 thousand frames, but I didn't make 25 thousand framess”, he announced amid criticism on the networks.

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