The Premier League will implement new VAR technology to speed up decision-making in offside cases

Premier League to introduce semi-automatic offside technology The decision should be expedited next season after the clubs unanimously agreed to the move at a shareholders' meeting on Thursday.

The technology has been used in major matches and helps reduce the need for long waits for VAR reviews, where referees manually check whether a player is offside or not, while reducing the margin for error.

“The new system will be used for the first time in the Premier League next season, and the technology is expected to be introduced after the autumn international break,” the league said in a statement.

The technology provides fast, consistent placement of a virtual offside line“Based on optical player tracking, it will produce high-quality broadcast graphics to ensure an enhanced in-stadium and broadcast experience for fans.”

Currently, VAR officials check offsides in the Premier League, but The system has faced severe criticism for the time it takes to make decisions And at the same time leaving fans in the stadium without replays in the dark.

The technology includes multiple cameras that follow the ball and each player. Technology alone cannot determine whether a player is offside.And VAR has not yet verified it based on available data, hence the term “semi-automatic”.

The technology was used in the 2022 World Cup and Champions League, while it was implemented in the Asian Cup earlier this year.

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