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Shakira He hasn’t stopped making music, and on May 11 he released his second song of 2023: “Acrostic”, a gentle melody, less expressive than his previous production “BZRP Music Sessions #53”. Clara Sia turns to Gerard Pique, whom she accuses of infidelity with Marty. about this We show you the numbers reached by his most recent song compared to the hit he created with the Argentinian DJ.

The new song BarranquillaNon-resident of Barcelona, ​​Spain since AprilBut still He does it in Miami with his two children, Milan and Sasha.Inspired by his two children, leaving behind the unrestrained and explosive spirit of the previous theme.

Also, accompanying visual perception This video clip has an undeniable resemblance to a mother bird and her young chicksBesides playing with the letters of their descendants’ names, a fact that gives meaning to the song, “Acrostic”.

Shakira has started a new life in America with her children (Photo: Hola Magazine)

“Acrostic” numbers compared to “BZRP Music Sessions #53″

This song premiered on Friday, May 11, 2023. It has reached 2.2 million views on his YouTube channel in about 20 hours. A figure that is not small, but falls short of expectations compared to its previous success.

A song dedicated to the former Barcelona player and his girlfriend Clara Chia Marti It crossed 64 million views on its YouTube channel in a single dayAn amount which in the light of the facts seems impossible to exceed.

The reason why “Acrostic” didn’t have the impact of “BZRP Music Sessions #53”.

The reasons are twofoldAnd both Closely related to Gerard PiqueHe is a father of two children and a current entrepreneur in the digital industry.

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The first and most logical The central theme does not revolve around the Catalan, and teases him or his young girlfriend.Fans — especially passionate ones — weren’t too keen on the celebrity’s new song.

The second reason It connected more with “haters” or internet users who felt Shakira’s recent songs revolved around the same theme: her heartbreak and disappointment with Piqué, The reason they feel I was a little tired of his music.

Let’s remember that since he began to separate from Gerard, in the middle of 2022, the South American released three songs: “I Bless You”, “Monotheism” and “BZRP Music Sessions #53″All have the same theme.

Sites where “Acrostic” is available

As with her other songs, Shakira will release her new song “Acrostico” on several streaming platforms. And his . If you are a fan of the Colombian singer, do not miss the premiere and enjoy his music on the stage of your choice.

Shakira’s ‘Acrostic’ with ‘I’m in Love’?

Shakira fan. The cover of the single “Me Enamoré” featured the Colombian singer in a tree, while the promotional image for “Acrostic” showed a tree with two chicks, representing the artist’s children Milan and Sasha.

This parable represents Shakira’s dedication to her former partner, Gerard Pique, with whom she created a family that, despite emotional separation, will always be united. In the music video for “Me Enamoré”, Shakira dances in a forest where she plays with trees.

The connection between “Me Enamoré” and “Acrostico” may be a model of Shakira’s creative process, where her personal life and emotions are reflected in her music. In addition, the presence of trees in both images represents the importance of nature and the connection to the land for the artist from Barranquilla.

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What is Shakira’s “acrostic” letter?

You taught me that love isn’t a scam, it never ends when it’s real

I tried not to look sobbing, not to see my weakness, but

Things are not always as we dream

Sometimes we run, but never come

Don’t doubt I’ll be here

Talk to me, I’ll listen to you…

Even if life treats me this way

I will be strong for you

All I want is your happiness

And be with you

Your smile is my weakness

I love you

Acts as an anesthetic for pain

Makes me feel better

I am here for whatever you need

You came to conclude what I am

Only one plate was broken, all the vessels were not broken,

Although I don’t know how to turn the other cheek

Learning to forgive is wise,

Only love emanates from those lips

If goods are damaged, they are not thrown away, they are repaired,

They face problems and face them

Laugh in life

Even if the wounds hurt

If you want to give your whole heart

Even if they hurt you for no reason

All I want is your happiness

And be with you

A smile from you is my weakness

I love you

Acts as an anesthetic for pain

Makes me feel better

I am here for whatever you need

You came to conclude what I am

Acts as an anesthetic for pain

Makes me feel better

I am here for whatever you need

You came to conclude what I am”.

More information about Shakira

Personal data of Shakira

  • Birth Name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripol
  • Date of Birth: February 2, 1977
  • Age: 46 years
  • Children: Milan and Sasha
  • Place of Birth: Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Nationality: Colombian and Spanish
  • Residence: Barcelona
  • Spanish mother tongue
  • Height: 1.57 m
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