The Science, Technology and Research Foundation invests $1.5 million in research projects

Ten award-winning researchers receive grants of $150,000 each

The Foundation for Science, Technology and Research in Puerto Rico awarded $1.5 million in grants to 10 researchers during a recognition event for winners of the Advanced Research Grants 2024. , through peer review, funds research projects on the island. This year's selection includes projects from various academic institutions and local organizations, and provides a significant boost to scientific and technological research in Puerto Rico.

Beneficiaries include the University of Puerto Rico (Mayakus Campus and Rio Piedras Campus), Central University of the Caribbean, Ana G. Mendez, researchers from Kubay Campus, Tocare LLC, and Kaldimar Technologies, Inc.

Each of the 10 selected projects will receive a $150,000 grant, an investment that will allow them to advance their research and compete nationally and internationally.

“We look forward to witnessing and actively contributing to the transformative impact of these grants in advancing scientific and technological research. This event celebrates our researchers and provides a unique opportunity to promote dialogue about our programs, grants and collaborations. “To strengthen human capital, attract and retain outstanding scientists, and secure external funding We are also committed to positioning Puerto Rico to be competitive, and Puerto Rico continues to be an innovation hub of global recognition,” commented FCTIPR Principal Lucy Crespo. Executive.

The winning projects focus on fields as diverse as clinical trials, clean technologies/renewable energy, agriculture, geology, biotechnology and life sciences. These proposals include studies of the molecular mechanisms of invasive breast cancer, age-related cognitive decline, real-time landslide forecasting in Puerto Rico, the development of a new aquaculture industry in the Caribbean, and other topics.

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During the event, and in partnership with Rhodium Scientific, two additional grants of $50,000 each were awarded as part of the Advanced Research Grant: Space Edition. These fell to two researchers from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez campus. One of the projects is related to water purification on the International Space Station, while the second focuses on microgravity. Both projects have been selected to go to the ISS (International Space Station).

The Foundation for Science, Technology and Research is a private, not-for-profit organization created in 2004 to promote investment and research funding and the development of science and technology to promote the island's participation and job creation in the global knowledge economy.

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