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Irapuato, Gto., September 18, 2023.- The inauguration of the second Hub-i was held in Guanajuato, located in the municipality of Irapuato, with the aim of creating collaborative spaces where innovation and entrepreneurship are stimulated by gathering talent.

IDEA GTO is consolidating open spaces for entrepreneurship creating the state’s innovation environment. Hub-i in Irapuato brings together entrepreneurs and creatives, startups, MSMEs, businessmen, students and universities to develop and propose solutions.

Juan Antonio Ríos Montano, General Director of IDEA GTO. He said that he is excited and determined to present this hub as a place for the revitalization of the Mendifactura Valley, following the path of entrepreneurs along with other strategies and actors; By providing the tools, processes and equipment to turn a solution into a business.

“We continue to fulfill the mandate of our governor, Diego Chinhu Rodríguez Vallejo, the approach was very clear: a state connected to the interior, a living ecosystem that expresses all the actors that make possible the technological development we want as a company, in Hub-i “In fact, it is the home of an entrepreneur, their Serving everyone who wants to take ideas to the next level.”

Reus Montaño said it starts with four courses: one on storytelling, one on increasing investment as an entrepreneur, a technical course called System and another on simulation.

“This is the second of the four Hub-I that will be implemented next month, the four that are already operational, will add to the entire existing ecosystem in the state. Today we have an integrated network of 30 innovation gyms and 20 incubators, always working hand in hand with the various secretariats of Economic Development, Guanajuato Education and Environment.

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For her part, the municipal president of Irapuato, Lorena Alfaro García, highlighted the importance of having spaces for citizens, who sometimes inspire everything they have in their heads, because sometimes we don’t know where to put them.

“That’s what Hub-Eye is all about, an open space for everyone, of all ages, because entrepreneurship can arise from a young age, but it can arise at any point in life.

Lorena Alfaro highlighted the Nodos Mentefactura project, which resulted in successful examples of those who started from the social side and are currently promoting their products on the market.

“I appreciate all the work Toño has done in Irapuato, and let’s continue to deliver results for the benefit of entrepreneurship, science and innovation,” he concluded.

Speaking on behalf of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, Yamile Elias Aguirre, general director of KÓNE CARE, a leading national organic cosmetics company from Guanajuato.

“My story begins with a dream in the living room of my parents’ house, years of success and errors, the company has reached the level it has today, trust, confidence, bonding, hub- I am coming to shorten the learning curve and consequently shorten the time to achieve successful projects.

Elias Aguirre called on budding entrepreneurs to take over the space and take advantage of all the new opportunities the state government is making available to them through the IDEA GTO.

Sarmat, a singer-songwriter from Lyon with over 30 years of experience, was present at the event. His performances enthralled those present before the inauguration of the hub, which was attended by representatives of chambers and business clusters. Educational institutions, municipal and state authorities, as well as entrepreneurs from the industrial corridor.

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The Hub-i Irapuato facilities are located in the heart of the city on Cortazar Street, corner of Juan Alvarez.

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