The teacher who danced in front of the students in the class was fired Viral

‘Trends’ with choreography are a classic in social networks, and many young people implement them in their educational centers, not imagining that they will not be the only ones to implement them. This is the case of Sibelli Ferreira, A English teacher from Brazil As shown in a TikTok video Performed a choreography with his students, but this cost him his job. He The video went viral and created a critique of the school administration, which led to a debate on the boundaries between personal and professional life on social networks. Find out more about this controversial case in Latin America.

Cibelle Ferreira (), He presents himself as a businessman on his official accounts, posting a clip with a staggering number. Over 46.3 million views There she showcased her dancing skills in a classroom where three students joined her to perform the viral dance while others watched in excitement. The strangest thing is that she is wearing a small dress.

But, at a certain point in time, Sibelli You know the mess is over and it’s time to get on with the day’s lesson: “Who’s even in love?”, reads the description of the video that stole the hearts of millions in the Spanish-speaking world. Additionally, she has another video in which she appears in a green two-piece swimsuit, where she dances with a large number of reproducible students.

Watch the viral video here

“Even on Saturdays and Sundays I go with that teacher”, “Okay, but no one talks about the girl and boy behind”, “Everybody talks about the teacher, but they don’t realize that she is wearing flip-flops”, “They look at the teacher, but Eld. Not on the blackboard with lights”, “The girl works harder than the mason”, “I go to class every day”, “How strange it is for a teacher to go to school” , Some comments left by the publication.

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However, as per the information given TikTok The ballerina teacher has been fired from the house where she taught and is now looking for a new job, although she has a strong presence on social networks, including Instagram, where many have suggested she dedicate herself full-time. Influencer

“Why should they be so strict, I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s not obscene, quite the oppositeis the opinion of a netizen. “I think this school’s behavior is so stupid that there is no need to fire her… Besides, that way she can motivate the students better”It was said then.

“It’s too much, schools now have rectors who look like dinosaurs, not normal people from the 21st century.” Another person said.

What does a dance teacher do?

A dance teacher is going to specialize in educating and training their students in all types of dance, and likewise, they should be able to work with people of all ages. Some may release their studies in private schools, universities, public squares etc…

In fact, sometimes, dance teachers may award a diploma that demonstrates an advanced level in the discipline they teach.

Can you learn dance in 1 month?

To learn dance, you need 30 days of effort, whether you practice daily or every other day. In the same way, you need to develop your knowledge through movement and vision, according to the Internet, you need to see content about the art you want to master. .

In fact, one of the biggest reasons people want to learn to dance is to prepare for an upcoming prom, wedding, or a night out, for example.

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Can dance be learned if there is no rhythm?

Rhythm is something that adjusts the fibers and movements of your body, but with practice. You should not only listen to the music, but also try to move between its different bars; Lack of rhythm is a misconception introduced by society .

You should also sharpen your short-term auditory memory, and you should become sensitive to the rhythm of the music you hear most often; It’s a musical process that takes time.

How many years have you been studying as a dance teacher?

A dance teacher can be trained in a 4-year career and can offer classes at different levels of school training: elementary, primary and secondary, as well as in art education and special education systems.

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