The title of high-tech company is considered for Finlay company

HAVANA, May 28 (ACN) Experts Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment Great importance was attached to the decision to hand over possession Finlay Vaccine Company A diploma that recognizes High Tech Institute.

The evaluation of the truth, published on the website of the organization’s communication department, reflects on the latest attempt by Minister Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, which made him eighth in the country to be awarded the title.

Seven of them belong to the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries Group (Biocubapharma) and in Finlay’s case they provided a detailed file to opt for such recognition.

For this reason, the evaluation committees unanimously recognized that it met all the established requirements to be considered a high-tech company.

It is a scientific and life-saving company dedicated to the development of vaccines, supported in the areas of research and development, manufacturing, clinical evaluation and marketing of products and technologies through high-tech processes.

Its closed cycle platform stands out in practice, which includes research-development-production-marketing and post-sale monitoring, based on innovative approaches and technological platforms, to obtain products aimed at solving health problems of the Cuban people and worldwide.

They cited their recognition of the effects of vaccines in controlling epidemics such as the one caused by Neisseria meningitis in Cuba in 1989 and eradicated with VA-MENGOC-BC after a vaccination campaign.

Another of its results is a trivalent leptospirosis vaccine prepared from inactivated cells of Lectospira interrogans to combat leptospirosis outbreaks in the country and in situations of natural disasters.

High-tech companies are characterized by their rapid growth in the country, high technological value and human capital, high knowledge and training level, which is considered as one of the most valuable firm in their value chain.

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With the aim of promoting the country’s economic development through science and innovation, Decree 2/2020 on high-tech companies and two regulations defining characteristics and facilities such as financial and tax incentives were approved. Production.

Only institutions with a high standard and scientific status are classified in their group, and the two main requirements are high productivity, stable over time and the scientific ability expressed in doctors, scientific masters and post-graduate specialists must be at least fifteen %.

Although high technology is usually associated with companies that create or operate new technologies such as biotechnology and information technology and robotics, this category applies to all sectors of the economy as long as it meets established research needs. , development and innovation R+D+I), and production and marketing.

National Center for Biological Products (Biocen), Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), Center for Molecular Immunization (CIM) and Institute for Information Technologies and Advanced Telematic Services (Citmatel) are on their list in the country.

The announcement of the category for Finley occurred during a health registration ceremony for the Cuban anti-covid vaccines Abdala, Soperana 02 and Soperana Plus, provided by the State Control Center for Medicines, Medical Equipment and Devices (Sekmed). Regulatory Authority from the country.

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