A Venezuelan teenager’s emotional reunion with her family after 5 years | Viral

Immerse yourself in a story that will move you deeply: a young Venezuelan’s family reunion after five years of separation. Find out every detail of the story here.

Many Venezuelan citizens find themselves displaced in all parts of the world due to the current situation in their country, many without a date of return and others lucky enough to be able to return and leave when they want, this is the case of one woman. , he decided to return to his land to the delight of his family on the entire internet.

He returned home

Thanks to his TikTok account, the owner of the video popularized his reunion with his entire family. . The woman uploaded the content on her social networks, which attracted a large number of her followers, who reacted to the publication, receiving more than two million views.

The clip begins with the woman arriving at her home to surprise her father who was sharing a moment with other members of his family, only to find his daughter entering the room. He was shocked and hugged her tightly and then carried her in his arms of emotion.

Similarly, in another part of the material, this girl can be seen waiting for the arrival of other relatives, and the same people opened the door and grabbed the girl. They hug her and are very emotional to the point of shedding a few tears At that time. This reunion was very emotional for both sides of the country these 5 years.

Everyone was excited

Users who are able to view the content They don’t miss an opportunity to comment and the video hits important chords Among them, they cry when they see the reunion scenes. “Here we all cry”said one very excitedly.

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Why are so many Venezuelans fleeing their country?

This is due to a series of factors that fueled the crisis in Lanero country. Corruption, inflation and high rates of violence in the region have forced many young Venezuelans to migrate en masse to neighboring countries in recent years.

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