The world's most important technology exhibition CES 2024 has started. Learn about the latest technological developments –

The world's most important technology exhibition has begun, CES 2024 Held every January in Las Vegas CTA (Consumer Technology Association). The main protagonist is the ubiquitous artificial intelligence.

Below is a review of the highlights:

A window with solar panels

One of the developments in energy matters is Sqpv Glass, a A glass panel installed in the windows and allowing the sun's rays to pass through captures the energy It should be converted into electricity.

Motto – Valija

With CES's Innovation Award, the Honda MotoCompact is presented as a solution to future transportation problems. It is a folding motorcycle that when “stored” is the size of a small suitcase.

Designed for urban transportation, this electric motorcycle has LED lights and leather finishes that offer a minimalist and modern style. It weighs 18 kg, has a top speed of 25 kmph and a range of about 25 km, with a battery that recharges in three and a half hours.

Cars with integrated GPT chat

Notice published VolkswagenIn the framework of the launch of CES in Las Vegas, it announced that it will integrate the computer into several of its models. ChatGPT As a complement to your voice assistant.

Over the years, many manufacturers have equipped some of their models with voice commands that allow them to perform certain functions out loud.

Transparent TV

Transparent TVs They could be the next big breakthrough in display technology. This was demonstrated by LG and Samsung, the world leaders in the television market, when they presented their prototypes at the CES 2024 exhibition.

A man looks at a transparent microLED screen as he walks into a Samsung stand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (AFP photo

When activated, the TV can Be transparent, like a window playing a movie, or becoming opaque, hiding the wall behind it. In this way, the television adapts to the space and the user's taste, creating a sense of openness and design.

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In addition, its thickness of one centimeter and high pixel density provide sharp images. As for its design, the panel gives the impression of being a piece of glass as it has no frame and allows you to see objects behind it.

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