“There is an increasingly large shift in women's access to technology.”

When you love what you do, it shows from minute one. Clare Hickey is one of those people who are passionate about her profession – she holds a BA (Hons) in Computer Science and Business Studies from London's Brunel University – but also talented. Spread that energy and spread it to everyone who will listen.

Guardian believes in the transformative power of technology, la Chief Technology Officer (CTO) en EMEA t working day It inspires business leaders around the world in the benefits of implementing digital solutions developed by the technology company it is part of.

Prior to Workday, Hickey held leadership positions Global companies like General Electric or GSK And has extensive experience and knowledge in cloud technology, artificial intelligence and more Machine learning.

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Clare Hickey, originally from Ireland, lived in the United Kingdom for many years and now resides on the east coast of her home country. It is precisely Ireland and, Especially the city of DublinThe technology firm has established one of its hubs in R&D investment, surpassed only by the US.

Over short distances, it's hard not to be affected by their vitality and optimism about what's to come. That future is under construction It may or may not have female talent.

Clare's other passion is the fight to eliminate gender gaps that still persist in the tech ecosystem. Not in vain, participate on stage Technology connects women in Ireland It seeks to attract, retain and promote women in the technology industry.

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Aware of present difficulties, but optimistic about the future, Hickey defends The integral role of technology To achieve greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“It is very important that we educate students to instill in them a passion for technical careers and their possibilities.”

Claire Hickey, Workday EMEA CTO

“When we are going to give speeches in schools, it is very important that we educate Stimulates students' interest in careers in technology and its possibilities, thereby changing the old way of thinking about technology,” Clare Hickey told D+I during a recent visit to the Workday Innovation Center in Dublin.

With the next celebration on the horizon 8-M, International Women's Day -Thus, with much attention to the special information that D+I – EL ESPAÑOL produces every year-, Hickey highlighted that she sees “a big change when it comes to women in technology at all levels”.

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“There's a huge wave of energy around women in tech, and I think it has to do with the accessibility it provides. When you have modern technology to work with, You can access and consider different number of species and diverse around it”.

For the EMEA CTO of Workday, this technology integration capability It starts before college. And it's time for young women to decide whether to choose STEM careers.

Claire Hickey, CTO en EMEA t Workday.

“That's why we focus on the early stages of schooling. But also Parents can do this in advance at home. Don't just think about this moment in life.”

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“Technology can help us reclaim our professional lives, for example, After taking a break from parents of children. Why can't you bet on this industry at that time? Technology already allows this,” explains Claire Hickey.

“There is a growing shift in women's access to technology and it is driven by their passion”

Claire Hickey, Workday EMEA CTO

stimulus A spirit of curiosity about technology and its potential Driving inclusion and diversity is essential for the Technical Representative in EMEA.

“We're seeing a bigger and bigger change when women are accessing the tech world. The most important of all of these and Driven by your sense of curiosity. “I think they're born out of a curiosity about technology that they often use,” Hickey adds.

For this reason, ahead of the next 8-M, Workday's CTO in EMEA said, “We are supporting International Women's Day like never before”, “community That is progressing in social awareness Much needed and I am sure it will improve in the coming years in terms of diversity in technology,” he concludes.

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