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Danilo Chavez, president of the Jockey Club He explained that Equestrian Business Unit (Betting and Betting) to reduce its revenue by around 7% in 2023. This segment contributes 70% of the income of this private company and thus determines its economic results.

By 2024, this indicator is expected to increase from 5% to 10%. To achieve this, the plan includes Digital initiatives Use the above unitAs well as investing in sports venues and leasing areas To promote other industries.

In detail, in unit EquestrianismHe Jockey Club Plays his cards Digital betting applications, through its dealer network. To date, half of them (50) have already adopted this technology, and the rest will do so by next April.

Therefore, the executive hoped that the project would generate additional income of up to S/250,000 per month or S/5 million per year. Likewise, he believed the strategy would contribute to bringing the club closer to new divisions.

Meanwhile, in Social Games Business Unit (Members' Seats), The Jockey Club Predicts a Investment Half a million dollars in renovations and new infrastructure this 2024. In detail, he planned a third 11-a-side football pitch, two paddle tennis courts and the first phase of a tennis stadium. For this game, they already have 22 fields.

Based on these efforts, the aim is to attract more members. Today, the club has about 5,000 members and about 100 join each year.

and in Partial rental unit, a “very aggressive” business offering is in the works for companies. Also, as the concerts were stopped at the venue specified by the Surgo municipality, the Jockey Club Now to appeal more to corporate events.

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Equestrian's “America's Cup”

Said to promote equestrian business and activity PeruHe Jockey Club will conduct Latin American Grand Prix On April 14 next Monterico RacecourseAfter 10 years. In soccer terms, it would be the “Copa America” ​​of horse racing, as it is advertised South American Organization for the Advancement of Purebreds (OSAF).

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In its development, the club will invest around US$300,000. In the event, there is already a stamp Peru brandA similar amount of prizes will be distributed and representatives will receive Brazil, Argentina, Chile and UruguayIn addition to the national team that will be defined in a qualifying round this Sunday, March 4.

During the main event in April, Chavez He estimates that 25,000 people will visit the Surco campus.

Beyond this life, the executive recalled Jockey Club It has an important calendar of activities throughout the year. Among them, the National Derby, Independence Classic and other overseas counties and national days anniversaries.

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Credit of the Municipality of Lima

Mid-January 2021, arbitration between Jockey Club And this Municipality of Lima It ended with an award for demolishing the perimeter wall and expropriating 16,000 square meters of land from the private company – for widening the road. As a result, the Lima commune owed US$14 million with interest.

The mayor of Lima at the time, Jorge Munoz, announced that they will raise the court to annul the verdict. To date, Chavez He pointed out that the club did not receive any money from the capital commune.

For this reason, he said, his client is pursuing legal action to end the collection. However, he believed in the municipal administration Rafael Lopez Aliaga Agree to negotiate payment before proceeding with litigation.

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operation. The Jockey Club of Peru will be in operation for 80 years in 2026.

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Racecourse. The Monterico complex covers nearly 90 hectares and is valued at more than 1,000 million US dollars.

Equestrianism Peru has won nine “Latin American Classics” in horse racing, trailing only Brazil (11).

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