There is still hope in the system, but they suggest improvements



Diana K. Rodriguez D.

March 6, 2024 at 10:56 pm I am.

Colombia's National Association of Businessmen (ANDI) presented updated results of the Occupier Period Survey, Related to health chapter.
In the results, it was more than that 70% of Colombians are satisfied with the system, although they do not deny that improvements are needed.

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Now, in terms of access, the survey recorded a slight decline, because in February 2023, 73% felt that access was adequate, while at the end of this year, 61% were assured that they were able to access health.

In that regard, Andy's president, Bruce McMaster, promised that these results should be evaluated and reviewed.
“In a year, we have to do something to impact that perception.”

In terms of quality, under experience in health services, respondents feel that it has improved in the acceptable category in 2023 from 39% to 48% in February 2024.

However, favorable opinion rose to 6% sequentially from 14% in 2023
A “bad” opinion was 12%.

“What we have at the moment is a system that more or less maintains its sense of quality by citizens.”
said Andy's leader.

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About health services, say 8% of Colombians This year it has improved, 33% have worsened and 59% have stayed the same.

Another relevant point is that 64% of those surveyed said they were not ready to give up health services, although 76% were worried about resources being managed by politicians.
For this reason, Andy's president pointed out that Colombia's health system was too sophisticated, and questioned the need for health reform.

“There is a lot of pessimism in our migration to the public service. “understood as having resources and authorizations in the hands of public administrators”
He explained.

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