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Oscar winning actress Michael Yow “She was deeply hurt by Netflix's decision to cancel.”Sun Brothers”, which she starred in earlier in the year in the premiere season of the series, but which has now aired.

Through his Instagram account, the 61-year-old artist dedicated a small but very important message to the subject and also shared some photos with his cast.

“With a broken heart. It's very hard for me to understand why. However, I am very proud of the 'Sun Brothers' family and what we have to offer the world. Keep your heads up,” he wrote.

It was known a few days ago Netflix “I will not update”Sun Brothers” for a second season. The reason is that the results of the investigation were not as expected. The series which started off with a good number of viewers, disappeared from the charts in a short period of time and was known to drop in the second week.

Created by Brad Falchuk, Amy Wang and Byron Wu, “The Sun Brothers” tells the story of a family that splits in two and reunites in Los Angeles, where they face a series of mafias fighting for power. distance. Taipei.

The series Netflix It featured performances by Justin Chien, Sam Song Lee, Jun Lee, Heidi Kwan, Alice Hewkin, Jenny Yang, Madison Hu, Johnny Go, etc.

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