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“There’s Room in the Background” storyline is handled by Claudia Llanos. Photo: Composite LR/USA Television

Downstairs is the room“, as a result of the kidnapping of the Macarena in the hands of Claudia Llanos, the America TV series, implicitly puts Francesca in danger again. As we have seen before, Mike steals more than 1 million dollars from the company ‘la Noni’ to save his rescue. Girlfriend without imagining the consequences that the owner will face.

Yvonne Freycinet’s character will also pay Piper after being taken to prison by the ‘gringo atrasador’ authorities: from losing the company’s leadership position to bankruptcy.

Francesca as seen by Claudia Llanos

Francesca Maldini will go through the worst moment of her life. Now that she’s no longer the head of her company after Mike’s heist, she finds herself emotionally vulnerable without Peter’s protection and with limited financial resources to face the coup that Shark’s Cos has in store for her.

Through social networks, fans of “AFHS“They are worried about the fate of this historic figure. His exit will not only change the status quo of the show, but also mark the end of Maldini – as we know it.

What loved ones did Francesca lose?

As recalled, ‘La Noni’ has already suffered the loss of three important loved ones: her daughter Isabella; his butler, Peter; and his beloved Mariano. Now, she finds herself without a family to help her during an attack, but she has the support of Diego Montalban and foster children.

We will have to wait for the release of episode 227 of “AFHS” to know Francesca’s fate. Don’t miss it this May 25, at 8:40 PM, on America Television.

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Who is Claudia Llanos in “Al Fondo Hay Sitio”?

Claudia Llanos is played by Peruvian actress Ursula Bosa. He is known for his ‘shark look’ in the series. Now, he is after Diego Montalban to avenge Francesca.

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