“There’s someone who plays with the cards they’ve seen” Alianza Lima Sporting Cristal ADT FBC Melgar Liga 1 2023 Clausura Tournament

Jorge Fossati, the coach of Universitario de Deportes, was not happy with the scheduling of Clausura match date number 19 and also criticized the last match.

George Fossati Clausura | The libero composition spoke about the time of the last date

George FossatiThe coach of the Universitario de Deportes team arrived in Lima after a 1-1 draw with Cusco FC in matchday 18 of the 2023 Clausura Tournament, a result that gave him the best chance to win this second championship of the season.

However, the Uruguayan strategist decided to speak to the press upon his arrival Jorge Chavez Airport He also said that he was not sure why the last day of the Clausura was scheduled at 3:00 pm because some clubs had no connection to the game.

“It’s not about peace, it’s about what seems logical to me, but I don’t understand very well, I just found out that this date is not mandatory to play at the same time, but the other and I think we will play at 3:00 in the afternoon, the truth is, I understand very little , because of the five people involved, I’m not even going to name them because it’s not personal. Just common sense.”said

“We all have to play at 3:00 p.m. because one of them doesn’t have to play at home (Alianza Lima) and the stadium doesn’t have lights (Sporting Cristal), it’s not everyone’s fault. Because it’s one side but other than that, it’s first, second, third, Or not the fourth, it’s the fifth (ADT) odds. I say, they have a “one in a million chance. The other four can’t even connect that they get a chance. So they gave us a 3:00 p.m. date for that millionth.”he added.

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George Fossati was upset that Crystal didn’t play at the same time

Additionally, George Fossati He believes the schedule could change on the final day, but he also points against one club (Sporting Crystal) for not playing at the same time on this final date.

“I sincerely hope that this will not happen, and I hope common sense will prevail because one of the people involved is playing cards. I am not saying he is a university student or someone else. Why give? Did one of them find the cards?”Punished.

(Video: Between the Balls)

What does Universitario need to win the Clausura?

why Sports University To manage to win Final matchgroup George Fossati They only had to beat Sport Huancayo on the final day. This will put the Creams in the final of Ligue 1 against Alianza Lima.

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