They are developing an innovative technology at Elsay to extend the useful life of fruits and vegetables

Another step in the fight against food waste. The Initial a kiss Miguel Hernández University Science Park (PCUMH) Else A new generation of absorbers has been developed and introduced into the market Extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

This development is called I knowallows Absorbs ethylene and other gases They are released during maturation and in this way, maintain the freshness, texture and taste of these foods for a long time. It is an alternative defense mechanism, Environment friendlyAnd suitable for any type of fruit.

No toxins or chemicals

Man throws two carrots in the trash / Photo: Canva

This development has technology Food contact (by contact) Delays the onset of ripening, decay and infections in both fruits (climate and non-climate) and vegetables. Thus, it maintains the freshness, taste and nutritional value of these foods for a longer period and by extension, their shelf life.

This innovation or new generation of absorbers “No toxic impurities or unwanted chemicals are addedand made of 100% biosimilar ingredients,” PCUMH notes in a statement. Also, as Oscillum’s CEO and co-founder explained, Luis SimenoIt is a versatile technology According to any packaging Or the storage process, which is a unique product and a milestone against food waste.

“We are the only company on the market that allows us to use Stiint in different packaging and packaging to adapt the technology to different formats,” said Simeno, “Active packaging systems can be found in the form of envelopes, varnish. , filters or biodegradable bags for foreign transport”.

He also highlighted the wide range of possibilities it offers Producers, houses Y Selling points A combination of asylum technology Smart labeling With active technology like the Stiint range of products. “By knowing the condition of their fruits and vegetables, they will have the tools to avoid food waste and maintain texture, flavor and nutrients,” he promised.

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Dose variations de ciency

This PCUMH institute has developed two types of Stiint technology: green Y New. The first of them absorbs a wide range of compounds involved in decomposition Fruits and vegetables, helps maintain freshness for a long time. The second adds extra time Very soft berries and fruitsAs it controls microbial growth, it increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by days and weeks.

Oscillum was sponsored by UMH biotechnology graduates Luis Simeno, Pilar Granato and Pablo Sosa, and was one of the winners of the UMH Marathon program.
In addition to Stiint, this biotechnology company has developed Addvibe, which is capable of visually warning of food spoilage thanks to polymers and chemical sensors.

The innovation and possibilities presented by the technology have led to the study of its use in other areas such as the enterprise Makeup or the Pharmacist.

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