They discovered the second most distant galaxy in the universe

An international team led by researchers Penn StateIn America, they discovered The second and fourth most distant galaxies in the region of space known as the Pandora Cluster or Abel 2744. All these are A A deep-field image of the region where they were able to confirm the distance of the two galaxies. Roughly a few 33 billion light years.

Unlike other galaxies, confirmed at this distance, they appear Images like red dots show that new galaxies are large and look like “a peanut and a fluffy ball.”, according to researchers. “Very little is known about The early universeAnd the only way to know that time and make our test Theories about the formation and growth of the first galaxies accompany these distant galaxies“, explain Bingji WangThe first author of the study, a postdoctoral fellow Member of the Pennsylvania State University Eberly College of Science and UNCOVER Committee (Ultradeep NIRSpec and NIRCam observations before the reionization era) del James Webb The investigator.

Even closer galaxies

As explained by the researchers, these galaxies are located It is now close to EarthAt this time it is about 33 billion light years away due to the expansion of the Universe. “The light of these stars It is ancient, three times as old as Earth.Collaboration Joel Leja, associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State and UNCOVER member. “These ancient galaxies are like lighthouses They emit light through the very thin hydrogen gas that formed the early universe. Only by your light We can begin to understand the fascinating physics that governed the galaxy near cosmic dawn.”.

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Both galaxies Much larger than the three galaxies above At such a distance. At least one of them Six times larger, about 2,000 light-years in diameter. If we compare it with our galaxy, the The Milky Way is about 100,000 light years in diameterBut, according to Wang, the early universe is believed to be very compressed, so it’s surprising that these galaxies are at that size.

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