They free a businessman kidnapped in Trujillo: he has three severed fingers and signs of torture.

Ivan Díaz Garrido was abducted last Monday, October 23rd. The patrolling police found him. (Sun TV)

Last Monday, October 23, businessman Ivan Díaz Garrido, 57, was kidnapped in the 12th block of Peru Avenue in the city of Trujillo. Criminals in the clothes of the Directorate of Crime Investigation (Drinkery) The Peruvian National Police (PNP) entered the victim’s compound and abducted him. The businessman was released this morning, but he bore signs of torture and at least three fingers had been severed.

Security cameras At the property they recorded that the businessman was barefoot, wearing orange pants and no polo shirt. No one helped him even though he screamed against being kidnapped in a black car.

theirs Relatives Authorities made several attempts to locate him, and he was finally released in the early hours of Friday, November 3.

As known, the Smugglers They asked them to pay USD200,000 in exchange for the businessman’s release. They were given 24 hours, but one week and three days later Ivan Díaz Garrido was released.

Los workers custody His finders were on routine patrol in Laredo when they found him hand-built and in the middle of sugar cane fields. Packing tape was wrapped around his head and two fingers on his right hand and one on his left were amputated. He also showed signs of torture during the abduction and several injuries on his body.

The Affected Admitting that he had been abducted, he gave his personal information to the police officers who found him. In this way, the National Police of Peru (PNP) announced the discovery of Ivan Díaz Garrido.

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Later he was transferred to Sana Clinic TrujilloA doctor comes and takes care of your health.

Also, relatives Ivan Diaz Garrido They were also alerted to the discovery and went to the health center where he was.

Last Monday, October 23, kidnapped businessman Ivan Díaz was found alive in Trujillo. (Republic of)

Colonel PNP Francisco Vargas Andonayne announced that the victim is safe and receiving the care he needs.

“The man is stable, speak to him,” he answered outside Therapy.

He also promised to investigate the matter Where The kidnappers initially demanded half a million dollars for his release. Later, they asked for USD250,000 and in the last few days USD100,000.

“The family has assured us that they have not paid,” he pointed out. Alas.

known as Peruvian National Police (PNP) He was looking for criminals in the districts of La Esperanza and El Porvenir. They had concluded that the kidnappers belonged to a criminal gang called “Los Pulpos”.

Iván Díaz, 57, was dragged away by criminals disguised as police officers Photo Credit: Infobae Peru.

“This is a fact of nature, it is a crime against freedom. (The fact) was carried out in approximately 5 to 6 subjects, 4 of which have already been identified. “This is the constant diligence that we carried out yesterday,” the chairman said. Libertad’s Criminal Investigation Division (Divingri).PNP Col. Javier Méndez in an interview succeeded Last Tuesday, October 24.

Then, he announced that he had found the car Kidnapped To the businessman.

“We have also found the vehicle in which they were travelling. Criminals And they came to the victim’s place and took him to an unknown place. (…) This is a completely confidential investigation. (…) We have been in contact with the family and the person has not received any threats, no extortion demands, no pressure, this is what we have interviewed with his relatives,” he added. .

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Colonel Francisco Vargas Andonaire gave details of the discovery and pointed out that the pressure exerted by the police in his search forced the kidnappers to release the businessman and that no payment was made in this regard.

“The police already dealt with a hypothesis and through intelligence sources it was known that they were in Alto Trujillo. All the necessary forces were organized with drones and patrols, and when they saw the pressure, they moved towards Laredo (…) “Since they had so much pressure, the only thing left for them was to leave it. ,” he told reporters.

Trujillo: They free a businessman who was kidnapped by criminals dressed as police officers

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