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Jaime VillanuevaFormer Advisor to the Suspended National Prosecutor, Patricia BenavidesHe mentioned the late former President Alan Garcia in his January 30 witness statement as part of the proceedings ordered by Attorney General Delia Espinosa.

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According to his testimony, lawyer Rafael Vela, coordinator of the Lava Jato Special Committee, turned to journalist Gustavo Coriti to seek media support for the investigation he launched against former President Martin Vizcarra, who allegedly received bribes from Odebrecht. The works of Lomas de Ilo and Hospital de Mokugua are linked to his administration as governor of the region (2011-2014).

“Jaimito, I talked to Gustavo and I charged him for Alan Garcia because I gave him all the information to get around Garcia.” He described.

A former adviser to the National Prosecutor's Office asserted that Vela was referring to the moment Alan García responded to the public ministry's summons, and journalist Coriti published, A statement with receipts for payments Odebrecht made to the former president for conferences aimed at creating media pressure and preventing his departure.

On November 15, 2018, García arrived in Peru from Madrid, Spain to be questioned by prosecutor José Domingo Pérez regarding alleged irregularities in the delivery of Line 1 (Sections 1 and 2) of the Lima Metro to the company. The IDL report was released on the same day.

Alan Garcia. Photo: GEC Archive

A few days later, the Justice Department barred the departure of the dead former president, who sought asylum at the Uruguayan embassy, ​​but was denied. A few months later, in April 2019, Garcia took his own life.

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“Because of this information, he is coming out to support Vela and (based on his support) […] Now all journalists from the field have started supporting Vela […] “I mean that support was there so that Zoraida (Avalos) didn't take it out,” Villanueva noted.

In a conversation with El Comercio, journalist Gustavo Gorriti indicated that he will publish his defense on his investigative portal.

For his part, lawyer Rafael Vela said he could not make statements because he had been called “to testify by the Supreme Prosecutor's Office.”

At another point, Villanueva talked about the relationship between Patricia Benavides and former APRA minister Hernán Garrido Leca (2006-2008), whom the former lawyer of the nation nicknamed 'African'.

“I don't know him, Patricia Benavides, she always told us that she had a friend, she called him 'African' because she had business in Africa, and she told us that he was the one who had everything. The one who could best help her with relationships and various issues, he was this ' African' contacted when applying, for example [Guillermo] Thornberry [miembro de la Junta Nacional de Justicia] And, through her, Patricia actually had information about what was going on in the tournament. He insisted.

Hernán Garrido Leca, a former APRA minister, said in a conversation with Latina that he did not remember the details of his last meetings with Patricia Benavides or Juan Fernández Jeri. (Photo: Spread)

He pointed out that once Benavides was appointed as the nation's attorney, it was Judge Thornberry who, through Garrido Leca, “informed him how his processes were going and what the National Board of Justice was going to do if it was going to open.” No investigation”

Benavides testified that he indicated that he participated in the conversations between Garrido Lecca and Thornberry, and that he participated in those telephone conversations when Garrido put his cell phone on speaker. “Sometimes I come off a little sad [en ocasiones] “They both spoke in English and she didn't understand what they were saying.” declared.

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According to Villanueva's testimony, Corrido Leca contacted and coordinated with Juan Fernandez Jeri, who leads the agency in charge of controlling prosecutors. Benavid participates as he turns on the loudspeaker and listens to the conversations.

“He was aware of all the investigations against Rafael Vela and Jose Domingo Perez. So, after the incident between Vela and Benavides when Alejandro Toledo arrived, it was decided that Fernandez would suspend Jerry Vela. Garrido Lecca and Benavides were responsible for all coordination.” revealed.

Villanueva came to the conclusion that Garrido Leca was an 'African' because he told the then-lawyer that one day they were going to see a documentary about Alan Garcia, and she said, “Let it slip, but they would have told me beforehand so they could go to the premiere because the film was made by an African. Garrido He said he found out through the media that Lekka was the one who made the tape.

This newspaper tried to contact former minister García Leca, but he did not respond at the end of this report.


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  • In December, according to the testimony of Garrido Lecca, Jaime Villanueva and the tax investigation, Juan Fernández Geri, a criminal organization led by Patricia Benavides, described that he knew people related to a criminal organization such as the National Control Commission of the Public Ministry.
  • “Yes, I know Jerry. I've met him once in Paraguay, when I met him at an environmental congress, and I've met him sometimes because he's looking at mining rights.He explained.

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