They propose changes in the provision of subsidies for public services

They propose changes in the provision of subsidies for public services

Jorge Iván González, director of the Department of National Planning (DNP), this Wednesday -October 11, presented a transformative perspective for the country’s economy, in which he highlighted the importance of the multipurpose cadastre in the structure and use of the Colombian territory. as well as targeted subsidies for public services in the regions.

Gonzalez highlighted the importance of promoting this last point, ensuring that they reach those who need them most, while at the same time, Creating additional resources to improve the quality and accessibility of public services.

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He said the strategy would allow the aid to be allocated more effectively, so it would be channeled specifically to low-income populations and disadvantaged communities. He added that avoiding unnecessary subsidies would free up resources that could be reinvested in strengthening infrastructure and expanding essential services like electricity, drinking water and gas across the country.

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We focus on ensuring that grants are delivered For those who really need it. At the same time, we want to use the saved resources to make additional investments that improve the quality of public services. This will benefit the most vulnerable people and communities, but also strengthen the local and national economy,” González said during a press conference.


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Presenting alternatives to rural property tax under the leadership of the Agriculture Rural Planning Division, the official emphasized that the modernization of the agriculture sector depends on a multi-purpose cadastre. Activity..

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On the other hand, he recalled that within the framework of the National Development Plan, Regional Planning stands out as an important component and that it is a “road map for a transitional government”. With a view to providing tools to increase rural productivity and allow municipalities to generate new income to increase the country’s urban and rural dynamics.

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Jorge Ivan González noted that municipalities have considerable space and wide potential so that the planning of the territory and the sources of income from local taxation and land uses can lead effectively towards total peace.

Additionally, It proposed that funding should be based on national and regional collections Administration of territory in small municipalities, thus strengthening the local economy and improving essential public services for citizens.

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