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With the aim of facilitating access to economic security or housing in emergency situations, National Bank provides Loans For public sector employees and pensioners up to almost S/100,000 with attractive rates and flexible terms. Below, in this note of La República, find out the requirements, the documents to be submitted and how this type of loan is carried out.

Loans from Banco de la Nación: What are their benefits?

According to the Banco de la Nación website, the multi-red loan offering from Banco de la Nación allows public sector employees and pensioners with savings accounts to request cash loans of between S/300 and S/99,999. Assessment.

Below, learn about some of the features and benefits that make this type of loan offered by BN attractive:

  1. Apply for a free loan
  2. If you are a worker or pensioner in the public sector and receive your monthly income at the Banco de la Nación, you can request your Multiret loan at any time.
  3. Access payment terms of up to 60 months
  4. The annual effective expense ratio (TCEA) with monthly fees on the savings account is 16.13% and the annual effective ratio (TEA) is 14.49%.
  5. You can access more information about fees and commissions here Here.

Requirements for requesting a loan at Banco de la Nación

Multiret loans from Banco de la Nación are aimed at employed, appointed and retired public sector employees who receive their monthly salary and have a savings account through this financial institution. To access them, you must have a rating of “Normal, Undefined or Not Reportable” at the Risk Center of Banking and Insurance Supervision.

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In case of CAS workers joining from 03/10/2021, they have to show minimum seniority of 13 months. To do this, they must provide their latest original contract, addendum or copy. If a CAS worker has an employment entry date prior to 03/10/2021, they cannot claim this requirement.

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