Things you can clean it properly

He mobile phone It has become an indispensable item in the daily life of many people today. Many activities carried out by many sectors of the society today are carried out through this.

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It is known that apart from being almost the most common object, the cell phone has also become a closely related object. Each person’s unique presentation and identitySince it is a customizable element.

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Given the image a cell phone can project on a person, being a frequently used object, it is prone to dirt, so keeping it clean is a priority for many people. Not only does it have a long-term function, but it has also given people in the environment a lot to think about in terms of grooming habits..

There are studies that confirm that cell phones contain more bacteria than the toilet“, Collaboration Gerardo Montoro is the manager of Bispel Spain, which specializes in floor cleaning.

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Clean the cell phone


How to clean cell phone properly?

When it comes to cleaning the cell phone, the most important thing for many people Clean the screen; However, to do this, it is necessary to have the right components Screens are not made to resist all types of materials that may come into contact with them.

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To clean the screen, it is advised to use a Soft fabric It fluffs and doesn’t leave it Pre-moistened. If the screen is dusty and smudged, using a dry cloth is usually enough.

In addition, when cleaning a cell phone, it is important to take other areas into account slots, volume and lock buttons, speakers, camera lenses, microphone and auxiliary audio input.

Inside the cell phone, Judith Trujillo, Professor of Medicine at the Pontifical Bolivarian Universityexplains that a isotope (cobito) Eliminate bitter challenges. Compressed air can also be used to enter the charging and accessory ports. It is important not to introduce liquids of any kind.

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Cleaning helps reduce the risk of spreading germs and bacteria, but using a disinfectant after cleaning can help improve and prevent infections.” explains Bispel Spain.

Another factor to take into account HealthCell phones are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which can harm the health of the user in the long run.

Therefore, the company advises to be careful about the cleanliness of everyday items, and emphasizes cell phones, The most important thing is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the chance of damaging the device during operation.. The most important thing, in any case, the device must be turned off.


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