Where should I vote in the 2023 primary elections in Venezuela? | When will the opposition election start | Answers

Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, thousands of Venezuelans will go to the polls this Sunday for the Venezuelan opposition’s primary election, where the next representative to run for the presidency of Venezuela will be chosen. Nicolás Maduro. If you still don’t know your location and polling station, below we are sharing the advice link powered by (CNP), steps to follow, candidates, how to vote and more details.

Primary 2023 in Venezuela: Where I should vote

To check your voting schedule and location for the 2023 primary in Venezuela, you should follow these steps:

  • Enter the official site National Primary Commission (CNP) or Haas
  • Then enter your ID and date of birth.
  • Finally, fill the captcha code and click on ‘Consult’.
Check your location and polling station

What was voted in Venezuela this October 22?

This is Sunday, October 22, Venezuela The opposition will choose a candidate to represent them in next year’s presidential election.

The National Primary Commission (CNP) It is reported that more than 3,000 polling centers will be set up 335 municipalities in the country So that the Venezuelan people can exercise their right. And 87 centers will be set up in 80 cities in 30 countries for overseas voters. Colombia, USA, Chile and Spain They are representatives with the largest number of electors.

How to Vote in 2023 Primary Election?

If you live in VenezuelaYou will be allocated a center near your regular polling station.

In the case of being abroadYou can vote in the primary if you meet one of these two conditions:

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1) You have successfully registered Before July 10. In that case, you can vote only in the city of your choice out of 80 enabled cities.

2) Must be registered in the official Venezuelan Electoral Registry to vote abroad. If so, you can vote in the city where you are registered (do Check to see if your city is enabled with polling centers for primary elections).

Every Venezuelan should take note Those above 18 years of age who are registered in the Electoral Register Join this Sunday before May 31, 2023.

Primaries 2023

Who are the candidates for 2023 primary?

These are the candidates for the next opposition elections.

  • Maria Corina Machado
  • Gloria Pinho
  • César Pérez Vivas
  • Carlos Prosperi
  • Andres Velasquez
  • Roberto Enriquez
  • Andres Gallega
  • Tamara Adrian
  • Cesar Almeida
  • Luis Farias

Voting Schedule for 2023 Primary Elections Abroad

Voting hours for the primary election will be Sunday, October 22, 2023 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. These times are governed by the local time of each city. As there are no voters in the queue, the desks will be closed at 4:00 PM.

What should I vote for in the 2023 primary?

On October 22, you only need to be present in person at the voting center in the city where you registered, with your Venezuelan ID card or passport, valid or expired. The polling station staff will check your presence in the polling book and that’s it.

Who will win according to the latest polls?

According to a survey by the Center for Political and Governmental Studies (CEPyG) of the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAP), collected by Infobay media, Venezuela’s voting intention is led by the representative of Vende Venezuela, Maria Corina Machado With 47.8% of those surveyed, former candidate Henrik Gabrielus Randoski, who dropped out of the race a few days ago, with 8%.

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The remaining candidates: Delsa Solórzano, Tamara Adrián, Gloria Pinho, Andrés Caleca, Andrés Velásquez, Carlos Prosperi, César Almeida, César Pérez Vivas, Luis Farías and Roberto Enríquez each have less than 3%.

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