This alternative decision to the full case would have completely changed the story

A different ending to the first installment of Fast and Furious would have completely ruined the success of the franchise.

The delivery that started the never-ending saga

In short, while we can't be sure what would have happened, it's clear that the alternate ending of Mia and Brian ending up together in the first installment of Fast and Furious implies the abandonment of several aspects. The story is a success because it not only lacks some of the most beloved characters, but also marks a radical change from the point of view of history.

The Rob Cohen-directed project's debut in 2001 marked a back and forth in the careers of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker; The actors and the director have no idea what they are going to bring to the screen. Today, Full Throttle has not only inspired some great PC games, but has become one of the most relevant movie franchises of the 21st century. However, things could be completely different.

The end of the first installment paved the way for what we can enjoy today: nine sequels, a children's animated series and a spin-off. But Cohen and company had their doubts about it, and in fact, they came up with an alternative idea that could compromise the franchise's future.

How did the first part of Fast and Furious end?

Full gas-1

This would have been an alternate ending to the first installment

In the original film, the ending celebrates a mutual understanding between Dom and Brian, who hands him the keys to his Supra after his arrest. In this way, the street driver begins his escape without saying a word. Likewise, during the post-credits, it confirms that Dom was able to escape to Mexico and opens up the uncertainty of Brian and Mia's future.

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With a completely different approach, The ablated conclusion of a full vayu is titled “Mudarse”.. The alternative outcome revolves around the Los Angeles Police Department's decision to fire a renegade officer without charges. Faced with this situation, O'Connor arrives at the Toretto house and finds Mia packing. After asking about Dom's whereabouts, the conversation turns to their relationship. Brian's infidelity created confusion in the woman's feelings, and she admits that she doubts the possibility of trusting him again.

But the ex-cop refuses to lose her and promises to fight for her love. This way, The scene ends with Mia and Brian hoping for a reconciliationIn the end, the idea of ​​forgiveness makes sense, as despite the lie that led to his life, the boy abandons his duties to save Dom.

Later in the scene, Brian stands with his arms crossed as the camera pans to the Los Angeles skyline. It says that they are running away as a couple. While we don't know what will become of the pair after this, the truth is that such an ending could have completely changed the franchise's second installment.

What is the impact of Brian and Mia ending up together in the first Fast and Furious movie?

Mia Y Brian

Everything could be completely different

Although this is all speculation, Brian and Mia's alternate ending would have taken the course of the story in a very different direction. A little pessimistically, it also eliminates the possibility of enjoying a ninth installment of the franchise, one of the highest-grossing films of 2023, and it also opens up the possibility of new productions.

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The reason for the hypothesis is that Full Throttle 2 is based on the fact that Brian O'Connor is making a living as a street runner in Miami, before he joins the FBI and recruits him to take on the task of neutralizing the activities of Cortez Veron. Dangerous drug trafficker.

Thanks to this argument, there is not only continuity with Vin Diesel's performance, but the actual ending introduces the franchise to recurring roles.

Although in this respect it is considered the least strong film in the series, There is great communication in this senseAfter all, if Brian had run off with Mia, Roman Pearce and Tej Parker wouldn't be there, two pieces that influenced the dynamics of the franchise and appear in the following five installments, which makes it strange to imagine the series without them.

On the other hand, reducing the ex-police officer's betrayal and removing the consequences of the actions Purpose drives Brian's exploits in the sequel That makes the part of the story that describes everything that happened after helping Dom and going to the opposite side of the law impossible.

In short, though It is impossible to know for sure what might have happened.It's clear that the alternate ending of Mia and Brian ending up together in the first installment of Fast and Furious meant giving up many of the aspects that made the saga so successful. Much beloved characters, but a radical shift in perspective on history.

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