This gigantic Peruvian stadium was built 6 years ago, but it is still not open: why is it not used? | Society

The stadium in Oxapata city center stands majestically in the middle of a beautiful landscape. Photo: Facebook.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports activities in all corners of Peru. For this reason, the Peruvian State is committed to making investments so that thousands of children, youth and adults can enjoy this recreational practice. However, in the area of ​​Huancavelica, there is a stadium that, despite being built 6 years ago, has not yet been officially opened.

It’s a huge one Game space Axapada is located in the city center of the district of San Pedro de Corís in the province of Surgamba. The work was completed in 2018, but due to reasons unrelated to the sports industry, it is currently unused.

Why is the stadium not open to the public?

Control Report No. According to 025-2020-2-2931, prepared by the Comptroller General of the Republic and disseminated on the sole platform of the Peruvian State, this work has serious defects in its operation, which is why it is currently unusable.

San Pedro de Coriz District. Photo: Facebook

The agency determined that during the construction of the sports arena, “mailboxes and pipes in the sewage system of the Oxapata city center were damaged, creating an accumulation of wastewater that endangers public health.”

A pre-2020 physical inspection also established that the works carried out in the Axapada town center in Huancavelica’s San Pedro de Coriz district “exceeded the planned budget by 100%” and “doubled the cost”. Staff Sheets”.

How much economic damage?

According to the Comptroller General of the Republic, due to the irregularities and deficiencies provided, the economic damage is S/407,940.37, which is about half a million soles.

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Likewise, he indicated that two former officials of the District Municipality of San Pedro de Coriz (Huancavelica), identified as Marco Antonio Varillas Castillo and Jorge Percy Borja Sánchez, had civil and/or administrative liability.

Thus, the stadium, which could host large-scale tournaments and be of public service to the public to promote sports training in the Huancavelica region, has been disabled and unused for more than 6 years.

Report from the Controller’s Office at Oxapata Stadium. Photo: Capture.

What is known about Oxapata city center?

According to information published by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), Axapada is a rural population center located in the district of San Pedro de Coris in the province of Churcampa, Huancavelica region.

The place is located in the central highlands of Peru, at an altitude of 3,976 meters above sea level. As of today, it has approximately 100 houses, so its population is not huge.

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