This is the innovative technology that turns water into an anti-aging elixir: fill the bottle, push a button, and that’s it | Health | magazine

This is the innovative technology that turns water into an anti-aging elixir: fill the bottle, push a button, and that’s it |  Health |  magazine

He Aqua It is a vital component of the human body, hence consuming it daily can provide benefits such as absorption of essential nutrients, lubrication of joints, elimination of toxins, better functioning of blood circulation and digestive system. reviews Government of Mexico.

Recommended by experts Take one liter daily Water as a healthy habit; Also consume foods rich in water like fruits and vegetables.

How to improve water quality

Weo, a company based in Miami, USA, has found a way to transform the natural properties of this all-important liquid into an antioxidant and anti-aging supplement. This means that drinking it will not only keep you hydrated, but Strengthens immunity It also helps the body to function better.

For Anthony Ginter, the brand’s managing director, the goal is to “improve the world and change the way we drink water,” according to testimony collected by the portal. Local 10. That’s why they use a process ElectrolysisIt is responsible for creating chemical changes through electricity.

If you’re over 50, check how much water you drink every day: the sense of thirst is lost with age

Electrolysis creates molecular changes in the water, so the company says it does not remove or add any components because they act on the molecule itself, it explains. Miami Diary.

An anti-aging elixir at the push of a button

The method of the reusable bottle with this technology is very simple: you fill it with drinking water, connect it via Bluetooth to the Weo app and finally press a button that activates it. The entire process takes 20 to 30 seconds.

The manufacturer assures that drinking water from a thermos guarantees healthy aging Photo: @WeoWater

Benefits that Weo bottle promises

Although the Thermos is priced at $219, Wow They promise to be well-invested, as it ensures that the technology produced provides many benefits to the body:

  • Improves skin: It is responsible for amplifying the hydration properties of water without causing changes in its pH, which reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in the skin. In short, more hydrated and renewed skin.
  • Better immune system: The production of antioxidants responsible for eliminating oxidative stress reduces the production of pro-inflammatory molecules, achieving better immune function.
  • Good Age: This technology counteracts the cellular senescence that results from the organism’s aging. It also reduces inflammation throughout the body related to chronic health conditions.
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