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Ten years later, Universitario de Deportes and Alianza Lima meet again in a new final of Betsson League 1. The Clausura champions, led by Jorge Fossati, will own the first leg and will look to start with a big advantage heading into the fight on the mat.

For their part, the ‘closers’ have led the stacked schedule and will be looking to achieve the coveted triple championship. With the help of Mauricio Lauriara, the fans are hoping that they can beat their biggest rival in this long-awaited title. Next, check out the world table so you don’t miss this great game.

Universitario vs Lima Alliance for Ligue 1 Petson at what time

University competition vs. Alianza Lima will take place in Peru on Saturday, November 4 at 8:00 p.m. Next, check the tables according to each country:

7:00 pm – Mexico

8:00 pm – Peru, Ecuador, Colombia

9:00 pm – Venezuela, Bolivia, USA (Miami)

22:00 hrs – Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil

Universitario de Deportes is this Sunday the champion of the Clausura-2023 tournament and will play its arch rival Alianza Lima in the league final.

Goals from Edison Flores in the 11th minute and Horacio Calcadera in the 78th minute helped Universitario beat Sport Huancayo 2-0 to win the title.

The club, led by veteran Uruguayan coach Jorge Fossati, qualified for the finals of the tournament held at the Monumental Stadium in Lima.

Universitario and Apertura winner Alianza Lima will decide the next champion in round-trip matches on November 4 and 8. Both Lima teams have been classified in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2024.

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