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We resist writing to each other

Dolores Laura / Feminist Teachers Network

Cartography is the science and art of making maps. Maps are defined as graphic representations of geographic space, We have done it all our lives with different techniques and materials.

They are built from the assembly of a few rods to digital drawings that even Master Ordelius could not have imagined. In the days before airplanes or drones, whoever held the map had the power. Only the rulers and privileged classes had access to them due to their expansive cost.

It should be noted that such documents may be considered works of art. Therefore, ancient cartography deserves to be preserved as a historical element of the transformation of space and the customs and practices of the time.

Its manufacturing process was difficult, specialized and its construction took time. In the case of current cartography, its growth has been accelerated by new technologies and exclusive free and paid licensing schemes, as well as its ease of printing and portability.

In geography teaching, the use of maps is highly educational and reinforces the importance of preserving their neatness. however, By inhabiting space in the direction of a map, it is not expected to be spotless.

In the workshop A cartography of school violence Run by a network of feminist teachers, interesting results were found. Adults such as parents, students and former students of higher grades captured the information.

Acknowledging abuse, thinking about where it happened and having the courage to come forward is the hardest thing to do because it’s such a powerful process. Accepting that experience in a safe environment like school.

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Another situation is to use diagrams. Locating locations was difficult because the immediacy of technology allowed us to search by name without risking a specific location. The preservation of the paper and the fact of capturing the irregularity scratched the map complex.

At some point, we recorded some testimonies and, even at the end of the day, the guys tried not to shrink, tear or damage each drawing, everything would be digitized and the paper would be the only support.

It is precisely this observation that prevents maps from living. This product was created to be carried on our journeys, to detect and identify our environment, as well as express our interactions in geographical space in a specific tool.

Who knows how to deal with the maps, continues to have authority, but the duty is abrogated due to necessity, he said. Witness this wave of violence that inspires the map.

It is important to know that handling cartography is necessary and natural from school age. Modern maps should guide usThey should be used and modified by hand to reflect the current needs of the community.

We should also be aware that a socially constructed map should not be judged for its aesthetics. But look for strategies to combat this violence for the life we ​​give through our experiences Affecting us in security situations that go beyond the state.

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