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Sebastian Albarro, Juan Pedro Illescas, Alejando Paz, Brenner Montes and others attended the exhibition as guests of honor.

He downwardsIntroduction risk game, which is one of the most physically demanding. A whirlwind of emotions and great worth is felt in the few seconds that the test lasts.

Downhill is one of the most dangerous and adrenaline sports known in the world. It is one of the modes of mountain biking that involves descending as fast as possible down a natural path full of obstacles. They can be natural or artificial.

The protagonists of this unprecedented event at the MalAventura de Santa Anita are the ones who reveal what goes down in Peru these days.

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All competitors are nationally and internationally recognized athletes; Who have accumulated many prestigious awards throughout their career:

Sebastián Alfaro is a four-time national champion, two-time Pan American champion, three-time first place winner at the Shimano Latin American Downhill Open date, 2020 Enduro Asia Cup champion, downhill elite national champion and downhill international cup champion. Additionally, in 2019, Sebastián was the leader of the National Downhill Rankings, the leader of the Downhill Cup Rankings and the leader of the Peru Enduro Series Rankings.

A mall downstream is Santa Anita.

He is accompanied by Juan Pedro Illescas, Elite Enduro Series Peru 2021 Champion and two-time National Junior Champion; Alejandro Paz, Bolivarian runner-up and multiple national downhill champion; Brener Montes, a Pan American medalist with a bronze medal in 2016, as well as a national champion in 2019. and Hugo Garcia, 2019 Cat Enduro Light Cup Downhill Champion, 2019 Cat Ebike Pro Enduro Series 3rd Place and 2022 Cat Ebike Pro Enduro Series Champion.

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